Day 472 – Relationship to music – facing change.

Relationship to music – facing change.

I have changed. I used to really like and love hard metal music. Lots of it all day. This have today evolved into a greater like for classical music. I have changed much of my musical favorites. And the shift went from Carnifex, Cavalera Conspiracy and Norwegian black metal over to Bach, Chopin and Mozart. I can still imagine myself listening to metal but not in the same length or extent as before.

I realize today when I look through my musical history and my experience and I realize that I have grown into addiction to metal music during my years. I have grown into digging that hard, demonic metal music. And I think to myself that this music is suppressive and negative, failing to realize that it gives a very accurate picture on how we live on this planet today. And that it therefore is very contemporary.

I realize that my relationship to music and this sort of music started when I was 13 or 14 years old. I would be introduced to Guns and Roses and Kiss. This was the very first start of my addiction to this type of music till this day.



I remember our music teacher telling us in youth school (1991-94) what lyrics that Guns and Roses where actually singing. The teacher would read up the text from the lyrics of the record that he was holding. “She is pretty tied up, she I pretty tried up, hanging upside down”. My old music teacher would be very upset that his students would ever listen to such music at all. This reading of the musical teacher was like awakening to me, even though I went with peer pressure and thought that the teacher was a fool and Guns and Roses where cool. If anyone would find themselves hanging up a girl upside down to call her pretty, you are acting sadistic and evil and you might be facing serious consequences in your life and you are into deep shit with how you live your life. To say the least. But it is still contemporary.

This just tells us how fucked up society we are living in.

I have since those days being 12, 13,and 14 listening to guns and roses, made discoveries growing up and exploring more and more and dear I say also harder sort of music. Pantera, Mayhem, Sepultura, Slayer and others les known. I have being buying and listening to  records to get into that kind of music that is really hard core, with screaming and growling for vocals. You have little chance to hear what they are saying, and the music is hard, progressive and fast. And yes I would say it reflects society that we live in, to a very far degree.

So what is my experience with listing to metal music? Well I like to think that I get a out spring for my aggression and parts of my creativity doing it. I can for instance play air guitar on the streets if I would like to, just for kicks and show of. And I do stuff like that. I would recommend to read through this article on what common behaviors is found with people that like metal and people that like classical music.

Check it out:

Some times when I get upset or mad, I can think that metal music would help me out, and failing to realize that Carnifesx or Mayhem with probably only emphasis my difficulties and my madness.

So I go through self discovery ! I discover classical music at 35 years age! I think that is cool.

I guess the term “All in its good time” is very suiting. I mean if I am very sad or mad it is no good to putt on Slayer – nothing cool will come from that. Really ?



If you have been scrolling through the lists of metal and you can seem to find that missing piece or that final touch. I recommend for you, try classical music. I am very convinced that it will suit your soul.

Check out the links.

The coolest store in the universe:


Walk the talk/indentify and work with your illness: :

Lite course :

Thank you for reading.


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