day 875 – eczema

My experience with eczema

Ever since I can remember I have had rash or eczema on my skin. My mother would apply all sorts of lotions on my skin since I was very young. I remember that it was unpleasant and I would cry. I was later seeing doctors about it and the best they could do was to give me more strong cortisone lotions. I grew out of the eczema in my teens, only for it to re-emerge during military and also working constructions.

The doctors would always find an outside source for my rash. But I knew that there was something also deep on my inside. When I was about 7 years old I had the Epstein Barr virus. And I remember from that I would be lying on the sofa with a cold cloth on my forehead with my mother watching over me. I was having some deep and very strong fever hallucinations, and the fevers would later return as nightmares as I grew older. The nightmares where always similar to the fever hallucinations I initially had from the E-B virus. It would evolve much around my hands, they would feel so uncomfortable and rusty, like they where so dry and sand like. The feeling on my hands was strange and very unpleasant.

After military and construction work my eczema got worse and I had lots of dry, itchy and red skin. My life was then filled with stress, anxiety, paranoia and fear, as I was multiple addicted and also in and out of mental hospital.

I would later find some very good support from desteni wiki, about how to deal with eczema se link here:

This link explains how eczema come from early on suppressed fear. And also how to solve that through self forgiveness.

I learned then to work with self forgiveness – to forgive my mind body points that were creating the irritation on my skin. And self forgiveness was a game changer for my eczema. I was able to end most of it and heal lot of my irritation. I would not experience much eczema for a long time. Then this Christmas 2020, I again had some flaming up on my skin. It had been re-occurring for a while. And it was very cold this winter I was in fear of my skin cracking up. So, I had heard some good things about homeopathy and I was friend with a practitioner, and I decided to book a session with him.

So initially we talked and I mentioned my Epstein Barr fever and hallucination about my hands and how I had this hideous feeling on the skin of my hands – that would haunt me. I also talked about my suppressed emotions, from how I resisted going to kinder garden and how much lotion I would use.

So, after our session of talking back and forth he per scripted me with a remedy. It was called locopodium 200 C. I ordered it myself from the local drugstore. It was this small, really mini jar consistent of some very small pills, the size of a pin needles head. So, I took one of these tiny pills, and solved in a cup of water and drank. Soon after I was looking into myself, to see what I was sensing within myself, into my body. This deep, very deep in my darkness, bright blue flame burning within me. It was a healing that was taking place. I did experience a slight headache and that was pretty much it. After that my hands and my skin have been very good. I do not have itches on my hands and my overall skin is very good and pleasant. My experience of the homeopathy remedy might be very different to other people’s experiences. But I like to see into myself to see what is taking place in my inner universe.

This is my experience with eczema and my journey with it so far. Self forgiveness and homeopathy healed me. Link to my very good homeopath :
It is online and it is from the work place “Space of Grace” : Enjoy it !

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