Day 471 – Massage my feet – everyday

Massage my feet – everyday

Last night I decided to write a blog on feet and massage. And today when I was checking on blogs on 7 years journey to life site at facebook:

This blog from Christine Hansen showed up:

– What a inspiring surprise!

I have made a promise to myself and I sure plan to hold it. Every day, during a day’s 24 hours , I commit myself to massage and give care to my feet. I will during these 24 hours during a day spend 15 minutes or 30 minutes or more caring for and massaging my feet with oils and massage. I have already been doing this close to a year already. And now I further commit myself to do it steady everyday as far as my natural environment allows me to do it.

If I am on a journey or a travel, I will have with me a bottle of oils to massage my feet. I also practice to walk more bare feeted on the ground all year and spend fewer hours in socks and shoes. It is simply good health. I will at the same time look out and make sure that I do not go completely obsessed with feet. I see that as a danger and a possibility.

I commit myself to give my feet more care and comfort and I commit myself to give my feet more massages and not let a day pass me by without massaging and tending my feet.


The reason I want to massage my feat is simple. The body have points and places under the feet that reflects and connection spots to the rest of the body. Brain, lungs, liver etc, within my body is connected and reflected under my feet. It is all connected on the down side of our body, under our feet. This knowledge and mannerism is being taken more and more into western medicine.

And these areas need attention every now and then. It is a ancient Chinese/Asian tradition to give massage to feet and the knowledge of the “points” under ones feet getting more and more accepted within common western, medical mannerism.

To provide care for oneness own feet, should be a absolute rule for everyone every day, and it should be thought in school how to do it, because it prevents disease and infections to practice it. It is good health.

When I massage my toes and the underneath areas of my feet, I take away pressure, points of hurt, and I stimulate to circulation within that specific area within both below (feet) and above (body) from my feet and also in the same within a reflection, the placed on my body that is connected to this area that is given relief and further blood circulation. And healing. By massaging my feet I – everyday relief them from the pain that have been stored up through the years and days of pressure, damage or physical hurt/voice tonality. I give my body attention, and I make the blood stream flowing through that specific area, at both parts of my body within the reflection and connection from beneath my feet. My body is given a relief from pressure and circulation and blood stream runs through that specific area on my body.

I recommend for anyone to read and study this drawing I have here posted and to really sit down, without clothes and listen to your body. Give yourself a foot massage. If you can give yourself foot massages you are showing yourself love and care. It is recommended to learn to listen to your body and to learn to massage your own body every day.

Do what is common sense and listen to your body and massage your feet. It is healthy, good mannerism and a huge relief for your immune system. It might save you a medical bill.

Thank you !


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