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Day 780 – Master of War – Life Review

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This is a product from eqafe library, called a life a life review. Where the portal brings through a being from the other side, literally  from the dead. A being comes through the portal to share its life review. In this particular interview a being shares the deep regret after having lived a life within pushing the measures of war. A being who lived on earth, creating and pushing war, corruption, militarism,  and war systems onto this world.


It goes to tell us what this means, and how this war system really is a deep rooted disease, that is ruining lives and livelihood of people who it affect. It lets us know how the war and conflict created by this individual has a effect on others. People look up to this individual for living war. Spreading the disease and infection of war and military, into generations beyond. And within so, the masters of war are being admired. It explains how this person who lived a life in war, is simply deeply sorry, for having lived like a life like that causing conflict, military and war.  And that it affects this being even in the afterlife.


Who we are in thought, word and deed matters – beyond.


It goes to show that even after death (!) this person becomes this infectious disease of war, violence and militarism. It also creates this concept of people looking up to the masters of war like they are heroic and brave form being so militant and possessed by war. People would and are still making such a characters into heroes and leaders and that are followed.

Investigate this very fine and detailed interview to see what lies behind the militant behaviors and drive, the militant leaders and how we can learn to see through this and create solutions beyond the contagious disease of war.


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