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Day 779 – consciousness and awareness

This is a review of a eqafe.com product, in the back to basics series.


Thoughts, thinking and mind with its consciousness, is the very core of system of self that is keeping this world in its locked down position. Thinking and consciousness is two of the very, very factors that maintain the very “same old, same old” system of this world, being inequality, consumerism, war and systems  so on.

How can we start to learn to change this ? Is it possible to change this ? To not be that much a slave of mind ? How to become more aware and self directive ?


In this interview you can learn how to work through mind and to master and take charge of these processes, and simply not allow it to go on. To become aware, and not lost in chaos of thinking and consciousness.


It gently assists a case studying and finding it bothersome to read and study text.


How is it possible to change from mind and thinking to nurturing ones beeingness and awareness? You would be amazed of what you find !


This interview will let you know how to take charge and change from these processes of min. And it taught me that ultimately it is me, myself who is responsible and also capable to change myself within such. I have the power to change, from bothersome thoughts, friction and noise of mind to life, breathe, beeingness, awareness and physicality.

I have the opportunity to change. Learn how to see this and how to work with self to change this !


Enjoy the interview: enjoy eqafe !

Interview here: https://eqafe.com/p/consciousness-awareness-back-to-basics



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Enjoy !


Day 775 – the living word




What words will I use here in this text ? Who knows.. I will use words that I know of, to make my point understandable and digestible by you, the reader, about my certain topic.  I will use words to describe a example, and to connect and relate different expressions, statements, styles, and parts of my text together. From what I already know. I will also challenge myself with trying more new and/or advanced vocabulary and constructs, to further reach out there, with my words.

The words I choose are based on my past programming me, first being a child and youngster growing up until today. What makes me to precisely me at this moment. To understand this dimension it is important to understand how humans are programmable, and within that how mind works. It is a study of a life time, and you would be totally amazed of what you could find realize and discover about just you!


Humans are programmable.  Just imagine how much money is spent on advertisement. It goes beyond imagination. There are some very, very accurate documentaries about this topic. The century of self by Adam Curtis is one of the very finest. It lets us know how the first spin doctors of commercials and consuming culture was operating within or from  the field of psychology and what made the human mind of programming. The social experiment of “milgram test” is another proof of how easily swayed the human mind is, to obey to for instance authority or given rules. To understand the world we live in with its rather chaotic news and happenings it is important to know how the human mind is programmable, hardwired, complex and very, very much like the PC, computer and inn detail constructed. There exist not such a understanding of the world politicians today. So we have leaders that are really not our true leaders. A true leader would know what the human mind consist of. How consciousness operates, that we are programmable, and so on.

The fact that the human being is programmable  should be something for a jaw-drop. We have let us sway by ego and thinking into this state of war and greed, pollution, harm and abuse. The words that describe our daily reality is not nice words. We are all often tormented and haunted by evil thoughts, and conspiracy,  imagination, fears, anger, ego, sadness, blame, nervousness, depression, believes, perceptions, projections, opinions …. and the list goes on. These emotional fucked up states is one of the very core things that keep mind in its power position of governing the self within mind authority. Though you can’t see it (the mind) you can see its outflow and effect in the daily life and our patterns of addiction, behaviors and/or abuse. This state makes us go angry and spiteful against another. It is everyone’s great loss. And it is rooted in human slaving to mind, slaving to ego, slaving to thinking and slaving to polarity/energies. This here is what we all should be taught at school. This is basic mind functions. That makes this world into the chaos it is. With the projected evil thoughts, imagination, fears, anger, ego, sadness, blame, nervousness, spite that is all mirrored into the rest of existence. Into addictions, war, rape, murder, child abuse, poverty, pollution, crimes, hunger, sickness, abuse of animals and inequality. The projecting/thinking loop is doing its thing; and it is sabotaging  life. The one reflects the other and we have to start with our self. When I change, the world changes. If I want to see a specific change, I must then live that specific change. For real. And that is how we can alter it all, one by one, breathe by breathe,  starting with our self, locally and be that change. To for-give the spite, fear, anger, depression, superiority, angst, blame, and all that and then change from it. I am not saying it is easy, but  it has to be done. The change involved is inevitable. Life is aware and we are rolling and moving. Then if we all can pick up doing this, for – giving our self (it is the greatest gift to self)  – then the world changes. It is a awesome trick.


Consider this; it is easier to brainwash a person that it is to convince that person that it has been  brainwashed.  That is simply fucked up beyond – and it goes to explain the chaos we are inn. Fact is we are systems, walking mind – zombies, very much like the computer.


Here I find living words a very cool support to me and my day to day living. This moment I focus of the word “benevolent”.  It is a very interesting word to me, and there are things with my relationship to this word, that is emotional and somewhat reactive – those emotions and reactions I can forgive,  I can for-give within myself, learn, grow, understand and  change myself within and as this living this word benevolent….










Day 760 – My voices in my head

A relationship between me and my voices


girl face

drawing by:  Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem


This is very clinical about my voices*


I realize that I have been living a pattern. A particular pattern concerning my thoughts/backchats/voices. Many times I have experienced voices and “loud” thoughts. Sometimes I experience these as very scary messages. They come from within myself and is a direct result of my schizophrenia/programming. They are my responsibility to handle, heal and/or live with.

It can be tough sometimes. Here; it is my relationship to the word “tough” that I need to look at, to not fuel the mind and the voices further. I hope you get the picture. Feel free to contact me if you don’t.


A peculiar thing is that have characterized my voices like saying that this particular voice is “scary”, or it is “bad” or “evil”. I would give energies/characterization and fuel/power to the voices/thoughts, by sorting them out to myself. I would give this voice the characterization of horror or hell, wicked, spiteful  or evil …. and so on.


What I have not seen and realized before now is that,  by characterizing and giving the voices energy/verdict, I give them fuel. I grant them access in my mind and in my head through energies. Voices in  my head – granted to be there – acting out because I gave them the specific energy to burn with, like fuel on a engine. Running crazy in my head with voices – because I give the voices a certain energy, by characterizing it.

This buck stops right here !

I will stop feeding my voices/thoughts with energies. I don’t need to characterize my voices, rather deal with them in self honesty, self responsibility and what is best for all. I will expose my schizophrenia and share what I find. I will support myself through this process as best I can.


self forgiveness on the point :

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give voices and thoughts in my head and in my mind certain energies and characterizations, like a value or fuel for the thought/voice to be and function in my head, of how I experience it out of my pre programming, and then giving it a purpose with how I place value on it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize why I have voices in my head, I had forgiven them, failing to see and realize that I judged and characterized the voice that was in my head and by that fueling it more.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to need to characterize my voices out of how I am programmed to value, judge and criticize everything around me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to appreciate me here, and Instead give into energies and voices in my head/mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be-lie-ve that I have to attach value to my voices and to characterize them, from old habit,  when this only fuels them with more power.



self commitment:

I commit myself to not give judging or characterization to my voices, as it will only fuel more voices in my head.

I commit myself to appreciate me here as life and to not “feed” my thoughts/voices with energies.

my video on this point:


Thanks for reading !


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Day 525 – How to stop thinking.

I made a discovery today. I made a discovery about thinking (!) …and how I can prevent it.

I realize that when I think, I am giving into the thought with a degree of importance, and conscious takes mostly over and drives the thought towards infinity with its energies and leave myself to deal with my mind. This is what I already knew. I would study a thought until the thought, sort of get a life on its own. I give into the importance of the thought from my pre – program. Having studied the thought and its origins. I realize that I am giving into the thought from my perspective of studying the thought and I would then be giving in to my importance of having studied the thought. It is the studying of the thought that is important. To study and learn self. The thought inn itself is not important at all. It is given importance. It is a pure deceive of self and mind. The thought in itself is not important at all. It is just making things more difficult.

I realize that we are all being had. We are being had by ourselves and thoughts and mind. We give into thoughts and thinking that thoughts are important. Thoughts are not in fact important by themselves. They are given importance, they do not have this from starting point. They are given importance when we participate within them. That is also why they are so hard to stop. So I realize that the importance come from my awareness of studying the thoughts. This importance or energy is injected into the thought and a new lie/thoughts stream is born within head/mind.

It is like the importance of a King (Royal) .. It is not necessary at all. Thin  – king… It is given importance that is not at all needed to be given.

I read somewhere that humans have about 60 000 thoughts during a day. No wonder we are stressed out ! And if you consider the mess that we are in on this planet, it makes sense, because we think, project and dream about a better place, when we need to actually get to it, and practically do the change and make the political party and the physical realness to change the world.

So let’s stand together to be a physical practical change in this world. No more projected ideas and no more zombie mind. Join desteni today.