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Day 810 – in bloom



Recognizing myself as life through… change and persistent work.

I have lived a rather turbulent life, after my teens I was stuck in much addictions, mental illness, in the extreme of options, and often sabotaging myself and life for everyone else.

Since January 2012, when really starting to walk my desteni i process, of forgiving myself and starting to literally save myself. To heal and recover. It has now been more than 5 years  of steady walking. And it is at the moment my job, now, to recognize in me, with me, the change that have taken place. To literally learn to know the new me.


You can say that now I have learned to live, learning to know my living organism, my body, the physical within self. Finding a reason to be able to (be) response – able. To learn to be self honest. This I have more or less incorporated into my living. Into making my life into support and to thrive as a living organism, as a being. This have taken me lots of work and dedication. Point now is to trust myself. To accept myself as all that I have been and all that makes me. To recognize what and how I already have managed to change as and with myself.


Today I live on my second year in a camphill village in south west norway. I have healthy food, clean water, roof over my head. Good friends, some real work, a network internationally of people who are dedicated to working within the same as me : to become whole and complete, physical, self honest, real, best for all, versions of the very self.

Life is now blooming for me…. in many of the words meaning. Life is complex and life is dear. It is the only on we get !

I greet you in oneness and equality – as life !


Investigate : http://desteni.org/




Day 801 – better use of psychiatry

During a hangout I was participating, in about a specific book, and also much about psychiatry, I was made aware of a point:


the symptoms and illness that we find in psychiatry, must be brought to everyone’s attention, to bring change into society.
the person that is sick must share the story of illness and we must all listen and change the system/society according so.

we can make politics (also) from awareness of the illness of our society.  psychiatry is a mile marker so.
eating disorders is a very easy (!!) diagnosis to see as example, with its illness and how body fixation and sexualizing of everything (!) is common practice…



These links are super – potent with the finest of support

– I am living proof