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Day 788 – Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting

Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting




Interview here:



This interview was a eye opener for me. I just listened to it 3rd time,  and I was like wow… awesome is this real? I was told in the interview to look at the words and perspective and interpreting. And here is a view on it. Within perspective it is the peer, someone close, It could be one self,  that has a peek –  a speak, at something. A good hearted person looks at something. Perspective. Simply to look, and to genuinely care for what is best for all within a situation.

While interpreting is more like printing up old reactions into new again. Making judgments of old causes, being angry – again. Reposting the abuse. Printing the reactions – again.


What I notice and see when living the word perspective is quite unique. I see into the very come of the being, I see into the core of the other being when I  look at them. It is a whole new ball game lol… it is like walking around with these super cool glasses, like a childhood fantasy I use to have, of being able to change situations, by myself.


So don’t hesitate dive in to this very awesome interview from the one and only: eqafe.com

You can also go to eqafe and use the search bar for  what every issue you might have or wonder about.

Enjoy !

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