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Day 788 – Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting

Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting




Interview here:



This interview was a eye opener for me. I just listened to it 3rd time,  and I was like wow… awesome is this real? I was told in the interview to look at the words and perspective and interpreting. And here is a view on it. Within perspective it is the peer, someone close, It could be one self,  that has a peek –  a speak, at something. A good hearted person looks at something. Perspective. Simply to look, and to genuinely care for what is best for all within a situation.

While interpreting is more like printing up old reactions into new again. Making judgments of old causes, being angry – again. Reposting the abuse. Printing the reactions – again.


What I notice and see when living the word perspective is quite unique. I see into the very come of the being, I see into the core of the other being when I  look at them. It is a whole new ball game lol… it is like walking around with these super cool glasses, like a childhood fantasy I use to have, of being able to change situations, by myself.


So don’t hesitate dive in to this very awesome interview from the one and only: eqafe.com

You can also go to eqafe and use the search bar for  what every issue you might have or wonder about.

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Day 662- Bible reading (re) action

The other day I started to read the Bible. I wrote about this on a mailing list on internet, asking others to join me. One of the first mail I had in return was negative, about me going to read the Bible. The person was telling me to not read it. I was instantly triggered, very deep. I was seeing all the Christian teachings and gatherings with l the old aunties and old fashioned people, conservatives, and so on, that I would call as Christians inn my upbringing. I would see the images from back then, live in my mind. I would then bring these images and energies, to blame and judge this person that was negative to me. Victimizing myself and blaming that person.


I would see all this in flashed and pictures and go into victimization and blame over this. I went into victimization and blame only over this one single mail. And I forgot to consider the other people that was commenting on my mail in support of me. I was having lots of support. There was several people posting on my tread that supported me and wanted me to go on and that wanted to participate in the project of reading the Bible. But I was blind in reactions.


So I was triggered into hate, victimization and blame over one mail when there was so many others mails that where supportive to me.



What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca





I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to bring the hatred from my upbringing over at this person answering my mail, and for going into anger over this persons reply.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go be triggered and go completely into hate and fear like a caged wild animal over being told to not do something I was looking forwards to do and to study.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spin around in this hate and not daring to touch in on my old memories, denying it, and ignoring the spots of locations, of church groups etc where I participated when I was a young child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to open up those memories because there was so much suppressed hate and fear within those memories that I felt sick to my stomach.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself for placing hatred on church groups and religions groups and at the same time want to read the Bible, which is sort of a contradiction in itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to see the several other of people, that wrote to support me and that wrote in favor of me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to see all the cool support that I was given and just blindly following my reactions and victimization, simply following the energy rides within me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge a, b and c and others from how they where rising me back in the days, when I was growing up.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to realize that the very reason I want to read the Bible is to understand why my up-bring is that way it is, and why this world functions the way it does and so on, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to face the conservative people from my childhood in fear of what I might say to them if I should meet them today.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to curse those buildings and those places where I was going to church education etc, where I then start to wonder what happened when I curse something and from that seeing that I could perhaps find answers in the Bible.


When and as I see myself going into reactions and going totally blind over one thing, not seeing common sense. I stop myself, I bring myself back to breathe and I slow myself down. I realize that reactions makes me blind and at those time it is difficult to see what is right to do. I realize that I should always avoid reactions, I can detect if I am in a reaction, I should avoid reactions always. I realize that I should, ground myself in breathe and loosen up the energies with self forgiveness if I end up in a reaction.


I commit myself to step down and out of reactions.

I commit myself to self authority on this point.

I commit myself to be my own guide and directive principle and avoid all reactions.

I commit myself to realize that reactions are like a disease, conflict, and pain.


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Day 603 – Personality of acting in despair


This world is inn a dire state. No doubt about it. And even if you do not buy into the typical climate crisis – which is mostly hype, there are serious problems in this world as of what goes form nature and animals and how we treat each other as living beings. Slavery, abuse, violence, war, poverty, rape, pollutions, crimes, and so on. The list is long. These are a few of the serious points that would lead one into a path of emotionally reacting. That is right, one gets emotional buy looking at the amount of work that lies in front of us. The tasks are huge and complicated. And like I said it is difficult to not go into emotionally reacting over this. And that is just what I have been doing. The way this plays out is like I go to facebook and I write out inn emotional reactions what I think of this world and its condition. lol like if things get any better from doing that.

It is like shooting myself in the leg – because all I do is to create commotion it seems. What I should do is to promote solutions and commonsense orientations. I should be able to finish with a smile. There should be a comfortable solution to all challenges, and tasks – without need to go into emotionally reactions.

This plays out within the polarity as negative with reacting and judging people for all the trouble in this world. I go into blame and judgment after having read some news or seeing a police brutality video. It plays out negative within the polarity with me becoming mad and aggressive over news and I fail to see the bigger picture and how we could solve it.

The positive polarity is like after I have reacted, I do self forgiveness on the reaction and I use common sense to pull myself out of reacting. The positive reaction of this polarity personality further sees what a cool place this world could be if we used the solution that are already here. Like to provide a living income to all, to end the war, and so on. A positive polarity of dreaming and projecting how a solution could be like.

I realize that the trouble lies within me going to facebook, and updating my status. Like going to war sort of speak. I would carry blame and blame is exactly that: b – lame.

We need all the cool and comfortable solution and we need them now. We need to change the technology, science, education, economics and work. To name a few. Self forgiveness is one of the cool tolls to use to get more comfortable within self and to realize self further and to release energies from ones body.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into reactions and emotionally friction over how I experience this world and its drama based on egoism and abuse, around this world and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and blame politicians or bankers, CEO’s or billionaires or any other human being on how they act and rule this earth, where I see that they simply act out of pre programming and cannot be blamed, and I realize that blame is lame.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to see that I am emotionally reacting in certain glimpses and in certain conscious moments within my life, and I that seek to get this out of my head sort of, I would seem to dump these conscious energies on facebook, instead of dealing within in common sense and with being solution oriented.

When and as I see myself reading some news or seeing a disturbing video, that I feel I am reacting to. I stop myself I slow myself down and I breathe. I realize that no one is benefiting from my reactions. I realize that I should take away my reactions. I realize that reactions are making my life more complicated. I realize that I should be able to stop myself take breathe and pull myself out of the reaction. I commit myself to, when I feel urge to react, I take a step back and I pull myself out of the reaction. I commit myself to take a step back and breathe. I commit myself to look for comfortable solutions before I make a decision. I commit myself to what is best for all.

When and as I see myself wanting to write in despair because I feel so badly for this one point. I stop myself, I slow myself down and I breathe. I realize that there is hardly a solution in writing in ager of in reactions. I realize that anger and reactions are like going to war/sickness and no one wants that. I realize that I should dig up some common sense to go with my issues and my writing/problem. I commit myself to take a pause and to breathe instead of writing in despair. I commit myself to quit writing/acting in despair.

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