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Day 783 – serious

Living serious



Who am I as the word serious ? The word serious can be quite interesting.

Let’s look at this word in my native tongue – Norwegian, let’s play and investigate this word.

Ser I oss ?

Ser dere oss ?

Can tho see us ?

Can you see me ?

Ser I ous –  can you see me/us ?

It ends up like a question, if I am visible or not. If anyone can see me. So what should make one stick out in a crowd ? What draws our attention on what premises ?

Let’s dive into this… We humans are a result of cultural and multilayered programming and upbringing. Consisting of memories, words,  data, energies, conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind that have made a myriad of impacts on us as beings. I mean we have gone thought some nasty shit to end up like we have, with constant war, crimes, inequality, pollution, abuse of life, rape, murder, ignorance and that list goes on & on. The human creation. Not a lot to be proud of – so far !


Most of us live under cultural influence and a undisputable demand to consume and  live according to polarized and painful energy surges and experiences  – constantly chasing the newest gadget, theme, movie, tech, money, porn, clothing, mobile, drug, hype etc.


We are driven by our minds (!) desire to do “this” over “that”.  Within a fraction of a  second we make our minds to chose, Paris Hilton over Naomi Klein, or Simone de Beauvoir,  we chose a coca cola, over a carrot or water, or porn instead of self investigation,  we choose violent computer games over writing our life story and reading books about perma culture. Can you agree to this  ?? We drive and chase porn, video games, and celebrities, energies, we do anything, all the time to have more money, and to improve our status above others in compare. This is still the core human drive of mentality.  This have been going on for some time now.


So why should I be serious, why should people look at one ? What makes one so special ?

To be special today, in a smart way, to be serious,  is to chose to be responsible to have awareness, and self honesty with ones living. To see and work with how minds has us in a dead lock position.  To address the programming within self, of energies and imagination within, being it emotions, believes, thoughts, addictions, personalities, behaviors, ingrained patterns, judgment, fears or desires. To see it all and I expose it, document it, chose to delete it with self forgiveness. To know how it came about, to prevent it to come again.

Here is a catch, If I don’t know what is driving me into fear then how can I stop fear ? If I don’t know the details and specifics of fear, how it origins and operates, then how to delete it ? And we know that fear feeds anger and so the spiral of abuse goes. And we see the conflict in the world as a direct result.

I am serious because I in full debt and consideration take measure of my mind, and chose to work through it, with the very best tool of self forgiveness.


I use myself and my life and living as example. I puzzle all that I have been, all my parts I dissolve and place back together after deleting the energy (addiction) involved. I am ser – I – us because I make myself un-corrupt in relation to energies/money. I delete all the element that have led me to the reactions, voices in the head, addictions, fears, judgments, ignorance, believes and so on. I take life serious. Still though;  I don’t want to separate myself into a “good person”,  a “Jesus character”, personality construct, no. I just want to share my earnest, sincere, and honest consideration of how I live my life and the experiences such.

Either to blame any type of programing – because that is all it is. Programs. If I blame something or someone that is a signal that I have something to take responsibility for in my living.


So again it is to “know thy self”  – meaning to know the physical, to know self from the flesh. To have a certain awareness of oneness energy relationship. To know how mind works, and gradually take charge of oneness mind and then ones living. To change. To be serious. It does not mean to be boring and dull and grey… no then we have missed the point. And besides that is a assumption and a judgment of others or self. To be serious it to learn self as all the self is, and to become responsible with ones process and living. To know the minds yoga and to learn how systems of mind works. To dissolve the mind systems before it manifests. To take a stand for change. Real honest and genuine. And fail me not: being serious, can be done in a clownish way. That is serious. I chose to be serious, I chose to stand up !


These links are super – potent with the finest of support

– I am living proof










Day 776 – spite and backchats of mind


Spite : thinking of the fizzy drink “sprite”, when you in your aunt’s wedding, had 3 glasses of coke, you could balance it out in your secret mind /polarity games with a glass of sprite. Making it even to self, inn childish mind games. lol.. I have been living with lots of such mind games.

Spite is, on the other hand, a thing far from the fizzy drink. The health and living damage – differences and similarities, of spite and sprite, is worthy of books and PHD’s  and education.

Spite is that “something is fucked up – so I spit at whatever”, spite is like a judgment and a anger act. Taking a piss at something in “spite” and anger.

The last couple of days I have been having backchats in my mind/head, like these what shall I say, judging and critical thoughts and projections about other beings. It is not nice and it just makes me sad and scared to experience the old backchat dimension of my mind. I had sort of parked that and  thought (!) to myself well no more backchats for me; huh ! So my nature strikes back with backchats in spite.  Judging and bullying words about my fellow man. Not a cool thing to experience at all.

It was happening today when I was talking to “Hans”.  And we were talking about a chore or something, and then suddenly, a voice/backchat appears in my head, saying “You fucking’s retard”  or something similar to that. It just came up in my head from nowhere. I mean it is like the words from “Trailer park boys” or “South – Park” or “Beavis and Butt-head” – kind of talking and you might say programming of mine. And it would play out just like a sneaking energy within my mind, creeping in on me like Loke, shapeshifting  in the mythology. And it would almost tip me of my chair, I was so disturbed. And the mechanics and design of it was old machinery and programs running deep in my mind on polarity and its energies. So a solution would be to avoid the mind dimension, and focus on the body/physical what is here. Mind/head is just imaginations and energies. Physical is here and living – breathing.

So I will work on self forgiveness, on this spiteful backchat episode. Enjoy :

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for failing to see the leak within my mind, that would spill like oil into the waters of my being,  polluting my insides with backchats like being mean and cold hearted to Hans, within backchats in my head/mind, and within this I forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself for taking part in this backchat in my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to face these programs of spite and “fuck all” character that would bloom within me, and that I should simply interrupt and delete the thought/character/backchat by focusing on my breathe and at the same time grounding myself, where I look back and I judge myself for not paying enough attention to myself and my leak or poison within mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself  to instead of brushing of the backchats and sort of neutralizing it, and removing it from myself with breathe, I was rather shocked and scared – and in that giving the energy/spite more power over me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel powerless in facing spite and backchats.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my own inside.

I realize one of the ways to not let spite and backchats win my attention is to not give it that – attention, by not being focused on my head/mind with the programs – but rather my body and physical else. Also to change myself and not be manipulative and to try to control the given situation. Be more flexible – that is what I am looking for within this.

Here (below) is a  life review, a review of the life, of someone who have walked a life with a spiteful mind, that has died and is sharing their story through the interdimensional portal. How does spiteful thoughts emerge, what are the programing that makes us go into spite ? How to stop going into spiteful and manipulative thinking ? The psychology of how spite is built up within mind.

It explains here the experience a being had walking with spite. The games we play with manipulation and spite, always wanting things my way, trying to control a situation. How do we change from spite ?

Check it out:


Here is another interview from eqafe about spite:

The core creation of spite within the human experience. What are the relationships  within the process of spite in the physical and the mind etc…

Really interesting and deep going stuff, about the detailed metaphysics of man and spite. This one really strikes the core of it:



Thanks for reading – enjoy breathe !







Day – 607 – Personality of fearing artificial intelligence (A.I)

Personality of fearing artificial intelligence (A.I)


I have some knowledge on computers. Not waste and not too much I must say. I should have more. I understand some of the basics of binary – like the brain on and off , like : 1 and 0.

Please check out this short video clip before you continue reading:

I mean we pronounce the A .I – like “I” meaning me myself.

I have seen the movie “Matrix” sometimes, where it is explained how computers can literally take over and try to conquer humanity. That is right. If you have not seen “Matrix” – yet I suggest you check it out. It is quite a tale. I use my computer quite much. I have almost like a alter on my desk, inn my living room. And there is some of my dilemma. Because today I managed to convince myself to upload windows 10. I knew from before It could be a risky operation but, I did go ahead and uploaded it anyway. I dared myself. Now this was quite a adrenaline – rush and fear to me to experience. I had paranoia running through as the uploading went on me telling me in backchats that; “Computers is taking over”, “Matrix is fucking you over”, “A.I is dangerous”, “Now you are fucked” – backchat going off in my head. Lets pause here. Why do I fear computers? What have computers ever done to me ? Almost exclusively making my life and living a heck of a lot easier wherever I go… right ? So I do not need the paranoia and the “What if” – thoughts at all.

To understand what “what if” – thoughts are check out this video :


From where do I have this fear of artificial intelligence ? From programming. From fear programming. “What if thoughts”, from movies and paranoia. From thrillers, Hollywood and from fiction. And I think to myself that, computers and robots will not turn on humanity and become evil or self directed in that way to go against us, unless we allow it, and push for it. If we allow computers to conspire against us, then that might happen. But if we do not let computers and robots conspire and if we do not program them this way, it will not happen. It is what we create. So within so without.

It is like with humans. If you punish and hurt a child when it is young, then that child will more easy punish and hurt others as grown up. You reap what you sow. Instead one should find win, win negotiations and solutions, to issues. They are always there…. Win win solutions/negotiations can always be found, and the abuse must end, once and for all.

Today we see videos of robots on facebook everyday. Robots managing amazing tasks much faster and often way better than humans. We see robots challenging doctors, lawyers and nurses as well as the common factory workers.

I was in Oslo the other week. And I happened to talk to a politician from the labor movement. He was trying to win my vote or at least my support. There is local and regional election in Norway these days.

I told him that none of the political parties are prepared for the robot/computer evolution that is coming tomorrow. He simply said we have seen it before with the industrial revolution.

That is quite a psychological question, that I think many people can relate to. How can anyone (me) relate to computers and robots… ? How is it natural for humans to respond to questions of robots ? From looking at the past ! Look back to the industrial revolution and see that we did then. How did we manage or not manage then? Many people will point at the two world wars happening soon after. From the greed of the very elite, pushed through by all of us. The perspectives are many and opinions are waste. Investigate what will be our future, and best for all. We are already standing in a paradigm shift. It is time we stand up and direct our selves.

To my awareness, it only becomes my nightmare if I let it. My personal computers or robots that serve me well – only become evil or do bad stuff – if I let it, and depending on how we programe it.

So within my personality, of poles,  there is the positive of realizing that computers and robots are here to help and to ease our work and give us more leisure time and freedom. On the negative pole of this personality there is fear of what “if thoughts” and “what if”  things go to hell etc.

Check out this video on brain control:

What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca


Self forgiveness :

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear artificial intelligence (AI) and from giving into thoughts of paranoia, telling myself in backchats “what if” – this and “what if” – that, bashing out on myself with emotional components of fear and anxiety and give myself entities and components/data of my programmed past and components of psychology and fear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge and blame movies such a Matrix or any other sort of alternative research and information bulletin or platform, or news channel, that deliver information, thinking I must use my critical thinking to find out what can benefit me and everyone else, and to negotiate with a win, win principle within my mind and my being and my body to get to the best solution and imaginable outcome that serves all the best way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to downloading anything to my computer because of risking to have viruses on my computer.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to realize that my computer is simply numbers and letters, it is all it is, and I should not fear losing any of it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into panic and fear over seeing how my downloading started and I thought – now all my work is lost – all hell is loose – kind of thoughts within me, giving into fear and shock and to feed my negative – inferiority of mind – its energies.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to learn of computers because I fear what is new and also I fear to have viruses and to be used in a scam.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the future from looking at the past thinking was there was so much and so comprehensive fear and wars those days, in the past, and thinking we can’t possibly live without it, thinking it is too difficult to change from fear.

When and as I see myself fearing A. I, I stop myself, I slow myself down, and I breathe. I realize that A. I can only become bad for humans if we let it, I realize it is up to all and everyone of us to make the design and outcome of A. I to be the best and most honest outcome for all life on this planet. I realize that I should not let paranoia and fear win my thoughts. I realize that I must stop such thoughts from taking me over. I commit myself to let A.I be supportive to me and to everyone that I meet. I commit myself to pull down fear curtains and syst – ems of fear that are designed to create A.I – fear. I commit myself to take on syst – ems of fear for A.I, and I commit myself to expose and delete such syst-ems and programs.

Thank you for reading