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Day 788 – Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting

Perspective and looking vs. reacting and interpreting




Interview here:



This interview was a eye opener for me. I just listened to it 3rd time,  and I was like wow… awesome is this real? I was told in the interview to look at the words and perspective and interpreting. And here is a view on it. Within perspective it is the peer, someone close, It could be one self,  that has a peek –  a speak, at something. A good hearted person looks at something. Perspective. Simply to look, and to genuinely care for what is best for all within a situation.

While interpreting is more like printing up old reactions into new again. Making judgments of old causes, being angry – again. Reposting the abuse. Printing the reactions – again.


What I notice and see when living the word perspective is quite unique. I see into the very come of the being, I see into the core of the other being when I  look at them. It is a whole new ball game lol… it is like walking around with these super cool glasses, like a childhood fantasy I use to have, of being able to change situations, by myself.


So don’t hesitate dive in to this very awesome interview from the one and only: eqafe.com

You can also go to eqafe and use the search bar for  what every issue you might have or wonder about.

Enjoy !

These links are super – potent with the finest of support

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Day 755 – Massaging my feet every night

Massaging my feet every night




I really want to make something out of my life. I want to do that extra “thing” every day or so often – to push myself to reach for a higher purpose. A purpose of : Equality and Oneness – what is best for all.

Basic simple math, hidden in front of our noses. The message from; Jesus, Lao Tzu, Bruce Lee, Alice Bailey, Osho, Nelson Mandela… now mine to live, are you ready to take on yours ?


To be able to live this purpose I have to really walk a deep going process to delete tons of energies and programs that have been, the one I was – before – growing up, my mind, taking on the parenting and schooling of life/society. I have dumped/deleted very, very much mind data, and energy enslavement  from within.


It is a reason why the new teacher or schooling method is called un – schooling and I myself work to de – program myself. I have been doing so the last 5 years.


By working with self forgiveness and self corrections, gaining self trust, and response – ability and self honesty, it is a humbling and rewarding process to walk.


I learn more than anything – about myself. My mind, being body relationship, from the tools and groundwork that is presented by desteni.org  – it is a one of a kind “tool – box” for you to use. Check it out…

Within walking my desteniiprocess I learn more and more about me and to find grounding in my physical (body). Then a cool thing for me to add on to this, to soothen my process is to massage my feet every night. I have now been massaging my feet every night for 3,5 years. I can count on ONE hand the number of days I have lapsed or skipped to massage them from tiredness/forgetfulness. If I was on a  journey or inn a awkward position, I would massage my feet perhaps more quicker and not so intense or deep going – not use so much time on it. I would guess I use 10 – 15 minutes every evening on massaging my feet before sleep.


By massaging my feet every evening –  I learn to know myself  – I learn to be with myself unconditionally. I massage my feet every night to be able to learn to be with myself and to see my signals. I learn to know my body. I know what points to push for ears, eyes, brain, liver  and so on. It is all a part of the holistic  practice that self forgiveness is a very fine key within to discover, reveal and explore.


I highly recommend to massage hands also. It is easy and it can be done by self – like with feet, it is good mental hygiene.


To learn about self and to give self that balance and a good night sleep – try to massage the feet every night. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain lol. Massaging my feet makes me move slower in physical, and at the same time faster; through mind (metaphysical)


A thing to KNOW to be really response – able, is that all the body has points on it from all sorts of programming and dimensions. Did you know that the under arm, (lower arm, from elbow to hand) is the place on the body (your & mine equally) for resistance ?


Check out this link to dive into some real explaining holistic practice, from desteni articles. All the pain/movement /discomfort you experience has a meaning and a practical explaining. It is all a purpose, and it has all be a programme running in reverse….