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Day 802 – symmetrical

Living the word: symmetrical




For quite some time I have been spinning around in this world of symmetrical. Trying to find out what this word would like to tell me, what does it mean ?

If I was to define symmetrical it would be something like equality and “the same” on all sides. Equality on both/all sides.  So I have been trying to understand it from a mathematical and scientific point of view. Like from a picture of something that is symmetrical. Like the wings and sides of a butterfly that is all equal.


So…for me to make this into practical terms would mean to adjust myself and my mind, so I could see how I can better live the word symmetrical. What would it mean for me in practical terms to live this word ?

I was reminded by this rule of life that goes like this: “Treat others the way that you would like to be treated self”.  And that right there is just brilliant. That is just so awesome to see of collection of words. Totally awesome that mankind is able to collect words to say such a thing.  So to be able to live this equality equation it would mean that I am going to give equally to both sides, both to me and my neighbor.  Or equally to two different parts. To live in balance, with my thought, word and deed.


So… symmetric:  you are a challenge that I take on!

For more info on living words see:  SOUL and Desteni Forum


Enjoy !

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Day 794 – What does the Rhino say ?

So today I have been working with mowing the lawn. It was a very decent job and I quite like that type of work. I was able to use my body and to work up a sweat. Which I enjoy !

After dinner and dishes, I went into my apartment where I live, and where I have my computer, and I felt a bit tired, like after having worked well and eaten well – feeling like resting.

So I thought to myself, what would be nice to listen to now ? Music ? Something else ? While dozing on the sofa ? So I went to the online store of eqafe.com where I have a subscribtion, and I found in the animal’s life review section, the consciousness of the Rhino.

That is right; the two sound files, of the Rhinos consciousness was after a few seconds and clicks, sent to me to listen to. It was the Rhino talking about life, the mind, the physical, the beingness and the breathe….

That is where we are at folks ! That is the type of awareness that is out there, at your fingertips, and that we are able to access. Eqafe.com will blow your mind like nothing have done before. Guaranteed. Give time to eqafe – give time to discover self.

Are you ready for this next level shit ? We are moving… are you with us ?

I literally came home from work and dinner, and I lay down on my sofa and listened to the words that the Rhino want to share with humanity. Pretty fucking awesome huh ! If you listen to it: you know deep within, that it is sound, real and honest.
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enjoy !

Day 782 – expanding in the life process



Looking at my current living, where I am, and my livelihood, and how I more or less creative and in consideration define myself to be, I would like to just elaborate on my current process and status. For many years I have defined myself as and within the stigmatizing ground of psychiatry, addictions, and mental illness. I have come to realize that we all, every single fart included of humankind are more or less mentally suffering, being of mind. Stating that I do not close myself into being only psychiatry or that ballpark anyway. How do I define myself today and within walking my process of total change into something more something better and supportive, something of real matter ? It is right there in front of me, like this impression of nature and of detail, and stability, because what am I doing ? I am expanding, including, uniting and cooperating. I discover, reveal and I heal. I learn and I grow. More than anything else. I discover myself, I close down my believes, my fears and my reactions and addictions, by uniting with its origin and life, structure of me is becoming one with the self, and with all that is me.


Within here is stored mega bytes of self forgiveness and persistent walking of my process, embracing self as life and uniting, and even creating more of me, what is discovering of my own expression – my living. I find myself more and more in equilibrium with not only nature as I see it, but me, self as life force, and will to live. I more than ever before,  would like to live till I am over 100 years old lol. There is so much I would like to participate with and further create.


Today more than ever before, I realize my standing and creative ability and life force. My will to go on with projects, chores, responsibility, daring to be a bit of a “clown” perhaps and taking on new challenges in common sense and self awareness. Many have said this before me that it is the nucleus cell and being of ordinary people, that will eventually change this world – because we change: ourselves, our ingrained patterns and behaviors,  first and become one and equal – physical, responsible as being and life force in where we are.

So for me at the moment it is about nurturing myself within slowing down and taking one breathe at the time, to really get this point of expanding and not falling into old destructive patterns of mind.

Today I notice such a simple thing as not daring to ask for a hug, and to embrace self completely, as another, would sort of bring me down, and I know that I could “take on a clown suit” and simply ask bluntly for a hug – and I would be granted so.

Time to embrace the clown from within huh ? To nurture and grow as a playful clown – myself. To rediscover play (and fun) in my daily life.

So in a way it is also about daring and taking that initiative. Being brave sort of. So that I can continue to walk and make progress and learn as I go. Grounding is perhaps a word I am seeking for.

Either way I am proud of who I am today, I have a level of integrity and self respect. I am someone new at the same time reborn as self in the physical. I live to suit the support of life and to expand myself on all areas of progressing and sustainable creation.

Realizing just now, sitting here typing in front of my screen, that, I have had a long history of being for instance dyslectic. I have still difficulties with writing  by hand – and reading it later. School was not my thing lol. But I will not blame the system – because the system is me. I created it. Together with for instance you. So it is a process of uniting, embracing and forgiving, bringing back to self all parts that I has separated myself from and made into mind fucks and loops, recycling the mind junk. Today I embrace it and bring it back to me- to oneness and equality.


Thanks for reading !


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Day 743 – process of self



Either we are stuck in a obsessive compulsive mind set, or are in lack of income, or that we are in a addiction of some kind, or inn a abusive relationship. We all have something with our lives that would require for us to walk a process on. We all have something to improve within our living.

To document oneness process so,  is becoming more and more a new real value of life – as it also should. It is self assistance and it is supposed to be healing. We have been our own worst judges and punishers, from habits and patters and emotions, now we must be our own best helpers/healers and assist our self and to bring us to understand what we have been through. To learn what we were going through, and how we managed to get out of it. We need to understand the mind yoga. And  how to improve oneness living. This have been a bisnes for decades with coaching, psychiatry and all sorts of entrepreneurship.

I have walked a quite advanced and meticulous process through my  schizophrenic mind. It has been quite some yoga I can tell you. I have lived with all sorts of addictions and bothers. I am currently  walking through my schizophrenic mind into a life with self honesty and self respect. Integrity and responsibility. I still recon that I am schizophrenic, but I do not suffer that much from it any more. I live in a safe and protected environment and  I also live in the country of the best welfare system, the world have ever seen.

The explaining of my steps and my how to is all well documented and shared on my blog and on youtube and on soundcloud as well as other places.

I have gotten to a point to live with my schizophrenia,  and to improve my mental state. I know my schizophrenia very well after walking my process of self forgiveness. So I encourage you to start working on your mental states, on your addictions and your behavior patterns. There is something within this for us all. Let’s start that blog and document to write out our mind and to come clear with self.


The only help is self help

I can have assistance and support and guidance… but help comes from within self




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Day 674 – living words : integrity

@desteni we are living words.… check out SOUL to investigate how you can live words to…




Current allocation:

I would think of teachers and masters, and scholars that educate others. Or I would think of being able to make your statement and to be able to say your opinion/thing in a debate.  It is that pushing to have your say. To tell the other people your opinion, your point of view and your side of the story. Integrity to me is to have  real news and experiences, and something teachable to tell others.

Dictionary definition:

-adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

-the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.

-a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.



  1. 1400, “innocence, blamelessness; chastity, purity,” from Old French integrity or directly from Latin integritatem (nominative integritas) “soundness, wholeness, completeness,” figuratively “purity, correctness, blamelessness,” from integer “whole” (see integer). Sense of “wholeness, perfect condition” is mid-15c.


Sounding of the word:

inter gritty

inner gritty

nitty gritty

(name on a person)







negative: I would think I need integrity – that I lack it – that I don’t know my complete self yet. I would think I lack the influence of integrity. I would think of the word nitty – like in nitty gritty that I would find bothersome and embarrassing within myself with sounding this word.

positive: I see quite a potential for me to take on this word. I can learn from this word a great deal. My world around me can benefit from this word.


Creating writing:

Inter – gritty – it sound like a mess or a meeting within what is nitty – gritty(dirty) – it is about debating what is nitty – gritty (dirty) about a situation.  Being able or experienced to talk and explain what is with a situation that makes it nitty – gritty. Like a comedian making fun of things – pulling out and exposing the nitty – gritty. It is knowing the nitty gritty and making a point how to deal with it.


New definition:

Integrity is a skill to handle the nitty – gritty


ogna m.m 023


thanks for reading – enjoy your day !