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Day 846 – Morning ritual – stabilizing from early on

I have been starting to do some new morning routines since this summer.

There are two things I do every morning these days. First one is, before I get out of bed, I breathe deeply and I check myself within, I lay in bed and I check myself, if there is any mind bother left from the night before (?) If there is any point of blame or any sort of emotions that linger from the night. I will then forgive this properly before I get out of bed.  Then breathing and slowing down, I move out of bed, I drink a glass of water – first thing – and then off to the toilet.

Then, I go outside, I move out side to a tree just outside the door here, where I find a stand. I touch the tree, I might embrace the tree, I lift my hand and say “Greetings father sky”, I lower my hand and say “Greetings mother earth,” I then greet all the life forms, the birds, the grass, the water, the mountain, the rocks, the air, the oxygen, the molecules, the rain and the sun, the cats, the bugs, the houses and the ocean – literally anything that I notice – and I greet myself standing there. I greet my self as my body and as my being.

So, I start my day with this: First forgive within self all the moving energy and systems that are operating within me – from a night sleep, and then I move out to greet the day standing beside this tree. Deeply breathing, and taking it in. It may seem simple, or comic even, but after a while it becomes natural and very supportive to do this. I can assure you it is a very supportive morning routine and it does not take much time.

Most of all this standing by the tree, is a safe space to fall back on, if things become stressful or reactive in my day. I can then “fall back” on this space and pocket of inner support of calmness from my morning- grounding myself. It is also a solid point of finding myself standing – in self-support – over time.

So, the forgiveness of self from whatever is occupying my mind in the morning’s is important – so that I don’t drag that bother and mind systems of emotions – into my day. It would literally poison my day – like we know. So why not forgive the “poison”, from self (!?) before even getting out of bed – if you need support on how to practically do this – please contact me and I can assist you.

And then to move outside in the fresh morning air. Take it in, in long breaths, I do the greetings to the earth and to the sky, to myself and to it all.

This have truly stabilized my day, and I will keep at this practice and very supportive morning routine. If anything is unclear – let us know – enjoy the day now!


Picture of my tree:


Day 812 – taught




Or how the people we find the most challenging are in fact the very ones to be our greatest teachers.

I live in a village. I live with about 25 other people together on a farm and we are all different and unique beings with different past and programming.

For me in the beginning It was tough and hard to face the people that I would characterize as difficult. I would feel reactive and emotional around them, thinking “damn, what is her deal” or “why can’t he just be normal”. Or just irritated and upset about how certain people behave.

A important thing to realize here is that all the confusion and reactions, anger, fear or emotion that comes up in me, when people are difficult, is because of me. I am the keeper of the reactions and the anger and programs of mind, not them. The anger or reactions come from within me, and is triggered on how I experience this other being. It is my experience. In other words, they can’t bring up emotions within me. That is totally within my own experience and so responsibility.

I have learned to approach these people with a new “tool” – and that is complete and full embracing of who they are as beings – and also to thank them, for who they are and for what they show me – about myself. I would sit during dinners and imagine that I fully and unconditionally embrace that person. I live the word “embrace” when with those people. I would sound “thank you” within myself in consideration to their expression, manners and living – again – for what they show me of myself. Now this was not easy for me to see or live and realize, it was times where I felt so “abused” by the others behaviors lol and I felt like giving up !

But consistent and persistence diligence living the word “embrace” without a second thought, would make a path for me to see that not only did I see changes in me how I could learn patience and care, consideration and compassion, but they would also change and become “easier” to work with. It is like the situation would heal.

So; it is to do against others the way that I would like to be treated. Place myself in their shoes. Imagine the lives and the programming of mind that they represent.

This is a deep rooted skill to practice and learn to utilize and use to anyone that experiences difficult and challenging situations. It is about learning and understanding to be humble; that the most challenging people and experiences we go through, are our greatest teachers to learn from in life.

So to live the word “embrace” and imagine myself to embrace the person that is difficult. And also I find it convenient to thank them, also within myself as a thank you to the teacher that they are to me.

Here are two links on how to deal with difficult people:

Here are two links on how to deal with difficult people:




Day 580 – Milgram Experiment and Obedience to authority figures

Link to the Milgram Experiment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOYLCy5PVgM


What sort of figures are we controlled by the most? It is as simple as it is hard. The answer is :Thoughts. Thoughts control us like the bullets from gun (like matrix movie)


We live today feeding our mind with energies and we give the mind feelings and emotions and thoughts, and from there we are controlled by mind with our everything. Now,  there is ways to set self free from this. Self forgiveness is the key here. To forgive self and to leave behind the old addictions and to live as breathe. At desteni.org we walk to become free from mind and to become free from the energy enslavement. To stop thoughts.


At desteni we walk for what is best or all. To become free from fear of authority figures and voice in the head.

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