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Day 734 – Eye-Twitching



“Pain as Self-Perfection – Part One. What Cause Eye-Twitching? How to identify your own Mental State through/with Eye-Twitching. How Eye-Twitching is related to specific Personalities. Why Eye-Twitching exists. How Eye-Twitching functions. How to walk the process of identifying Personalities through/with Eye-Twitching. These questions and many more are answered within the Eye-Twitching interview series.”




We humans have within our daily lives gone about and suppressed lots. Within the body mind relationship we suppress and often deny the stuff that does not suit into our living and given  preferences.

If some nasty backchat/thought comes up that is scary or not cool or “bad” we would try to brush it away or suppress it within. This is what we are taught from growing up to do. Almost all of us living in this altering world (!)  have lived this way. Good / evil  relationship, and mathematical/mind polarity.


I learned from this original eqafe interview to handle ;  eye twitching, and more important what I could learn from it. What energy was behind it all. How could I end my eye twitching and forgive it, let  it go, and move on.


I was able to follow the instructions from this interview about eye twitching. And I would see what was the cause of it was and I would forgive myself for my participation as such and leave it behind me like nothingness.

The specific interview on Eye-Twitching was my one assistance to find it within myself to heal, naming the energy within self forgiveness.

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