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Day 796 – separation of life


we are all extensions of each other


Separation is a highly interesting point. Because as life we are all one. That is a pill to swallow. One. Not two (in separation) – not them or others and ego. Life itself is one. Equal and one. So separation exist. Because of the human experience. This is me balancing myself – bringing me back to me.



I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to give my “will” into the sneaky or calling (somehow) of desire or need or habit/addiction, from the back of my mind, to bring myself to go into separation of myself (physical) as life, from where ever in my body, directed from my mind and patterns, where within this I know that we are all one, the other life form (human, animal, plant, beyond ) is a extension of me, they are from the same origin, like the same as me, we are all equals.

Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear or dread that it is a human “thing” to go into separation of the self, the physical, by those terms I mean to go into thoughts, thinking, gossip of mind, projections, doubt, angst, blame, etc where, I know that i do not in fact need to go into separation as the separation in itself is self abuse, abuse of life, and self sabotage.

Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not dare to  open up, to expand, learn and evolve as sound, as life without going into the stress, angst, fear for having to prove myself to be of some result that I would imagine is expected of me and then just end up looping myself in my mind/mind fucking myself.

Where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to crawl back to my starting point of why would I need to (again) go into separating myself from life (?) where I see and realize and understand that I need to define my starting point and correct myself so.

Within this lies pieces, blueprints and direction of myself stabilizing my schizophrenic mind, me learning self authority and self honesty, me learning to live.

Life is oneness and equality in equilibrium/balance – where are we  ? How are we living ?


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Day 596 – Personality out of eating the right food.

Personality out of eating the right food.


I am quite taken by the idea to eat the right food. There are many people to claim to have the recipe of the best food to eat. It have become such a obsession to me, that I have created a own personality out of it. Sometimes I think I eat too much meat. I then go into self blame and judge myself making myself feel inferior for eating meat at all. Other times I make a nice dinner to myself perhaps using lots of spices and vegetable within it, making me feel confident and smart. And after I have eaten it I would feel really nice with myself thinking “I can cook” and “I can select the best groceries” and so on. Sometimes even going into comparing and competing mode.

I often think of all the poison that is sprayed into the food that I eat and I think that I am lucky to live in Norway where we have strict rules for how much chemicals that is allowed in our food. But there are levels of chemicals, also here, it is being increased every year it seems. So I would prefer to eat only ecological food all the time, since it is the best, without a doubt.

I realize that I “fall into” the choice or questions, of eating meat and I make a decision within myself. To me there is not many enough substitutes or replacements in the normal supermarket, here in Norway, to replace meat, that I do not feel I can choose other vice and no meat. There are not many enough choices or replacement to meat the way I see it. So for now, yes, I eat meat and I enjoy meat. I am aware of what sort of meat I eat and I try to create, a awareness that there are so many, many billions of animals suffering each day living in hell and ending up as dinner and it is not acceptable at all. But we need to create a alternative and it is our job collectively, job to support the often ecological and best alternative and I do so as far as my money and my shopping can take.

Back to my personality. A personality is built out of positive and negative poles. Neutral is not common and it is almost like negative because neutral is no change – no solution. It is positive when I by lots of good quality ecological vegetables or if I feel like I have done something correct and improved myself in the kitchen. Taking on new challenges and make new and existing dishes. Or it is positive when I make a lovely dish to myself, or if I go to a restaurant and enjoy a nice meal or when I bake a bread or cook at home enjoying myself. Empowering myself. That is mostly a positive personality. Slowing down.

It gets negative when I become in doubt if it is right to eat meat at all, or if I go into self judging because of eating to fast is going into self abuse.. Or if I eat, to fast a meal. It is like I abuse myself with eating too much too fast.

So in my very inferior or negative polarity I abuse myself with eating too much too fast, so yes, you can say that sometimes I have a eating disorder or suffer from self abuse. Eating too much too fast.

My personality of eating right would like to state that we all equally, need the best (ecological) and a abundance of healthy and nutritious food every day. It is not a acceptable situation, of today, where half of us are fed and hand half of us starve. We produce food for 14 billion or more and throw away tons of well eatable food every day. Every day we waste so many million tons of food it is a very, very disturbing situation.

My personality of eating and relating to food is diverse, meaning it is very much related to the level of stress that I place onto myself, that gives the outcome of my eating experience. How much stress I give myself is related to how much I am able to appreciate or enjoy my meal. Stress is a sickness, and It have ruined many a meal to me. Stress is a horrible diseased to me, and it create very much misery amongst humans on earth. Leading to abuse and crime.

Stress is making me compromise my food and my living. Stress is a disease.

So my personality of eating right have ups and downs. I find that it is best to eat ecological food and to take my time, to really slow it down with eating. When I slow down and take my time the result is sooo much better. I would like to say to you that though a living income guaranteed we can all have sufficient food and sufficient money to live in dignity. We all deserve enough food on the table each day. We need to end the stress and the crime of throwing away food. The whole system needs change. Check out: http://livingincome.me/ for real change.

Thank you.