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Day 651 – Epigenetics

Epigenetics – inherited trauma/memories, trans-generational epigenetic inheritance, memories passed on to us from our parents.

So this “hot” topic of epigenetic, that separates scientist, about having memories inherited from parents and grandparents. It have been told that we can inherit memories from our for – fathers. Is this so ? Can I relate on a personal/physical basis ? Is it just emotions or is it valid inherited “trauma” and memories from DNA ?



Let’s find out.

This calls for a story. A story about my grandparents, living in Norway, in the 1940’s. My mother’s parents. They have both past away now. Story goes back to WW2. And how my grandparents where on the Nazi – Germany side during the 2nd world war. Since they were on the German side during that war, my grandfather was thrown into prison after the war. And I know that he experienced a nervous breakdown at that point in his life. He was in prison in Norway in 1945/46 about and he experiences a nervous breakdown in prison.

Here I look into myself and study my memories of my grandfather I find these pictures of him in a cell/prison, in a bad condition, he is having a break down. I see this very clear to myself that he is suffering. Now. This you could say is simply empathy with him and a sense of “love” or connection to him. But I see this picture so strong within myself that I start to experience his pain/trauma.

For what is a memory ? It is sounds and energies, developed into pictures and movies, stored on our physical and mind.


To me it is more than a story being told. To me it is real time experience seeing these pictures of him suffering in prison. I experiencing it very mush real with my physical.

So this is then stored in my DNA. Guess what; we humans still don’t, own our own DNA. This DNA ownership – is worthy of investigation.  That is how “they” can patent life and so on.  I would think that through developing water crystal , memory, emoto and iridology would also be able to help us clear out of past and to figure out some answers. What is what. There is a long way to go.


So how to deal with these pictures and traumas ? Best medication there is. Self forgiveness. Because there is still my emotional experience of my grandfather going through nervous breakdown – within me.


What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel pity and to feel bad for my grandfather picturing him in prison, and I realize that his pain back then – is very real to me and my physical living today.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to pity my grandfather and for thinking he was harmed or hurt and I would pity him from this punishment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to go back to this memory of my grandfather having a nervous breakdown in prison, and I would think it is in my DNA and it is stored like a trauma within my being.


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