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Day 772 – Falling in love with MMT – Modern Monetary Theory

Falling in love with MMT – Modern Monetary Theory

If you don’t know MMT – I beg of you please study it and understand it – it would be so much easier for all of us if we all could understand MMT and become aware of how money creation really takes place !

This is my attempt to explain MMT – videos and links in the text !

If you cant understand it from me – please study it and learn it from somewhere else!


Enjoy learning – the clean theory of modern money and souverign currency.

There are many series and videos on youtube  (YT) now, about MMT. The first 3 videos in this series I find totally breath taking. It explains HOW money functions – and its really really simple! You would not believe how simple it is ! Now, I have been listening to many different conspiracy theories and tales and what the schools and bankers/politicians/experts etc that teach – wrongly -and that float out there in the global thought/conscious arena, of what is money and structure within so is, and I realize that much of it is based on paranoia, fear and emotions.  As long something is operating with the type of inequality and separation that we see – then that is our job to cure. This means that we are truly creators of all that is.  The good the bad and the ugly. How ever: we can change, and I am convinced that understanding MMT can help us take some real turns on the wheel… it is simply to see and realize “what – is – what” of structure and design of money / souverign currency.


Please give time to study MMT. Modern Monetary Theory.

It is a real kicker once you get it.




So what made me fall in love with MMT ?

It was to see and realize that a souverign currency and money system, is actually very, very supportive, and simple, structured and designed – it is however misused by bankers and politicians – and all of us for refusing to see the reality within this. The money system is designed and created to give people money. To grant people their money. That is its purpose. To have money circulating freely among its citizens.  And that is why for example that  when there is 15 trillion in (us) pension funds, there is equally 15 trillion in US debt. This debt does not mean anything in particular negative to either state, people, or government. It just is. It need to be. The people who represent the bank (politicians) need to have their account in debt. For the population to have pensions/money/goods/pluss. I would recommend to  listen to the videos from YT  to understand one of the very core things about this system that is that debt in its form is not dangerous or bad. No there should be debt with the government so that the people have money. This math is soooo simple – it is hard to see. In order for the people to have money, circulating the government need to be in debt. It is only corrupted politicians idea that think that debt is bad and wrong and stupid… a part of their programming and brainwashing.  I have been thinking the same myself about debt. Thinking it is wrong/bad/negative for a  state/government to be in debt. Failing to see that from this government debt, the people of this nation, are secured money. This is a fuckings critical point to get. Because even if the digits says minus, and “negative” that is a very core value to the people – to give them money…from the government who then is in debt. It seem like most people and politicians don’t get this. All they see is the minus and then they turn red/paranoid. But the minus of whatever dollars (USA) is securing that there is money among the people. Darnest thing !

To think and believe the old idea that we need tax money to pay for things is a lie and a huge scam. The payment of tax is the people shoving they appreciate the currency. Don’t forget the government makes money, “prints” money and then decides – who gets what.

Can you see the math…? I know we all are hardwired programed and brainwashed of mind consciousness system – but please try to learn this theory – if not from me – from anyone. It can save us a lot of trouble

Within this it is needless to say that for instance austerity is just a scam and is totally not needed for.

The debt (of a nation) is just there… to make sure the people have money. It does not do anything particular (more than so) at all. The spending and sharing, among people, of these trillions is the big question. This is today left to politicians (and bankers) to handle, and to be honest – it seam like they don’t get this yet – but the will. Plain and simple –  and that goes for all of us…


It is easier to brainwash a person

– than to convince the person – that he has been brainwashed. – Mark Twain.


That includes myself, we have all be had by our own minds, thoughts, ego, imagination, parents, culture, believes, schools, and so on. No wonder why we have such a chaos on earth. We are all equally responsible for this. “This” meaning all what takes place on this earth… all of it.

Enjoy learning about MMT – let’s change the game !

Here is a news article about MMT : Link


Dr. Stephanie Kelton on MMT :






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For me:

We are born equals:  I am one vote for a equal money system !


Check out the links:









Day 769 – Camphill living

Perspective on living in a ecological farm


cows out to grass

Camphill villages is ecologically driven villages and farms and communities that is suited and designed to people with disabilities and needs, who don’t usually fit into the larger hectic/capitalistic society/system. Personally I am diagnosed with schizophrenia.

My camphill life is structured so I can work my way through my schizophrenia with walking with the tools of desteni.org

I just realized that from me living on a ecological, camphill farm and village it gives me the opportunity to have structure. HUH ! We all need some sort of structure and organizing to function optionally. To me structure is like a pattern of organizing – it gives me a sense of control in my living. And after that freedom within the application/task !

I live in a camphil village in the south west of Norway. I have lived here since 01.07.2016. Let me tell you that life here is truly swell. Now there are so many different ways to be living life here on this earth and I would say I am truly grateful for living where I am and under these conditions that is present.

It gives me routines and structure. I provides me with cultural and spiritual/emotional insight. It serves me the best and healthiest of food. It grounds me with good work for the body. It gives me inspiring and touching and dear talks and interactions. It provides me with very dear friendship and colleges and hugs, and it is a international touch to it with people here from all corners of the world.

Life here is season based. And there are things like Bible study groups and practice of Christian tradition. This is of course voluntary if ones chooses to participate or not. I find the Bible study group very interesting – I get to share my insights and perspective from this important historical script.


me after a days work

Now in the spring I can walk outside and pick my food of herbs from the garden. I can go swim in the fjord or in a freshwater stream, and enjoy a talk, a flower, a goat  … on my way to do so.

There are currently goats, sheep, cows, chicken, birds, bees, and cats here. They provide me with honesty, insight , groundednes, stability,  and realness, awareness and strength – besides the meat, milk, honey and eggs that is also on my plate.

We are very sufficient with dairy products, meat, some herbs, some fruits, berries and also a lot of vegetables.  This awareness is awesome and it brings up gratefulness and humbleness within me.

Camphill living with interacting with animals is very therapeutic. A goat will “tell” you straight. The animals, are honest and real, they are not mind based like us humans.   They don’t have our obsessive thinking, so they are more stabile and here, firm, grounded, sound as physical and natural. Something I know that we humans must learn sooner or later…

Being able to go out and pet a cow or a sheep or talk to the chickens is just medicine ! Very rejuvenating and real! I am very grateful for that presence in my living. It makes me more honest, and alive, like colourful and expressive.


One can even go as far as to say that this planet should be for animals and nature only, and not for humans. If we look at how humans treat nature, other humans, animals and so on… it makes sense. Which means that we (humans) must change… or we are doomed. There is no other way.


I am grateful for my living in this camphill. Some of the traditions is maybe not of my liking, but there is room to discuss and debate most things. The antroposofic way is known to be a alternative way of living in Norway. Most of it is very cool and down to earth. Either way we can debate practice and reach common ground. The environment  and the ecological policy is very appealing to me and I would imagine to all people. The camphill way is by all means a way for the future.  I don’t agree to some of the Christian/religious traditions, but we can work through it and come to agreements.

The way of living is simple, and structured and rich. I recommend to find a camphill near you, and become friends with them, visit them and test it out. There are camphill villages mostly in Western Europe, North America, but also in Russia, South – Africa and India.

Enjoy your investigation of camphill !