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Day 780 – Master of War – Life Review

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This is a product from eqafe library, called a life a life review. Where the portal brings through a being from the other side, literally  from the dead. A being comes through the portal to share its life review. In this particular interview a being shares the deep regret after having lived a life within pushing the measures of war. A being who lived on earth, creating and pushing war, corruption, militarism,  and war systems onto this world.


It goes to tell us what this means, and how this war system really is a deep rooted disease, that is ruining lives and livelihood of people who it affect. It lets us know how the war and conflict created by this individual has a effect on others. People look up to this individual for living war. Spreading the disease and infection of war and military, into generations beyond. And within so, the masters of war are being admired. It explains how this person who lived a life in war, is simply deeply sorry, for having lived like a life like that causing conflict, military and war.  And that it affects this being even in the afterlife.


Who we are in thought, word and deed matters – beyond.


It goes to show that even after death (!) this person becomes this infectious disease of war, violence and militarism. It also creates this concept of people looking up to the masters of war like they are heroic and brave form being so militant and possessed by war. People would and are still making such a characters into heroes and leaders and that are followed.

Investigate this very fine and detailed interview to see what lies behind the militant behaviors and drive, the militant leaders and how we can learn to see through this and create solutions beyond the contagious disease of war.


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Day 669 – my beliefs


In this world (word) I find one thing more prominent and important, as I go through life. And that is to work on my words. To be aware of words. To school myself all over again and to re – learn and reset myself and my knowledge – most importantly to live the new words, physically and to change. To become a life – hacker. Of living practicing words.

So this word came up BELIEVE. If we investigate this word, we can look at the following BE – LIE – VE. Be the lie (we). It tells us to be the lie. To live a lie. This word tells us (plain and simple) to be, and to practice a lie. That is not optional. That is the clear and naked truth of this word (world).


So what does this mean ? Well if I was to tell you that chocolate is better than ice cream. That is something up to you to choose to believe. Or if I was to say that “porn is bad”. That is my believe that “porn is bad”. If we study these designs and origins or words and matter – we find that there is nothing that is good or bad – right or wrong, it is all a lie … be lie ve.


To find and realize that there is no right or wrong, right or left, blue or red, god, satan etc.. all this is based on be – lie – ve – systems and programming. All lies. Like the word says.


I have for a quite some time been living a lie. I have been living a believe system giving this entity (name) god status in my mind and in my body/being. I have been living this believe system making myself righteous over another people. Granted myself perceived righteousness. I have given into this ego that I know better since I have this (entity) god in my mind and being. Very much like early missionaries or preachers on the street. Telling me that “god is this” and “god is that”. People speaking from a – lie. Plain and simple. Like I did about this entity within my mind.


This is not post to bash Christians or Muslims or any other group or identity. This is not a attach on anyone. If you are experiencing reactions – you should investigate the reactions in commons sense. I am simply looking at the word(world) and pointing out to you (?) how it is a lie – in believe. And for you to further see and investigate : I am making “god” out of any entity in my life ? Am I living with demigods ? Am I making Obama god, or this type of cigarettes god (?) or my car or my favorite coffer cup, my caps, weed, movie, book, thought pattern, memory, fantasy, music, idea, theory,  or any believe system behind it;  god or entity (??)

Am I holding a variety of entities in my belonging and possession (?) consuming myself into a believer of consciousness ? Is science my god ? Or my computer ? any person or guru? thoughts ? these are all relevant questions to investigate for anyone. If you drag with you believe system – you will face consequences sooner or later, for your entities demigods and … lies. It have all be programmed into us from our upbringing, school, TV etc…

How to spot believes ? Mostly from thoughts and thinking, or from conviction and personalities. What we base of values on. Our pattern and behaviors. “X told me chocolate is better than ice cream, so I choose chocolate.” You making a choice based on believes, or “I am convinced that there is a God, because my parents told me when I was a baby – and they want only my best.” This is a example of following believes as programming. You parents have been programmed just like the parents before them. Making values, and judging things as “such or so” is typically a belief. “I favor this person over this person” is making judging on basis of believe/belief.

My believes ? I strive to live with having no (!) believes. I strive to live self honest. I want to find myself here, physical without believes. As they are all full and complete – lies. I am currently working on loosing/dumping my believes, of data, psychology. To forgive it and leave it all and not look back.

“There is no truth there is only denial of what is here” – Bernard Poolman


It boils down to this: To have a or to live with a believe; is living a lie. Deceive of oneself (others). Plain and simple. Self honesty and honesty is on the opposite of this. I commit myself to leave/dump all be – lie – ve’s and to live in honesty and in specific self honesty. If I have caused a believes with you, I would investigate that. If you carry believes, I would investigate that to. I don’t want any believes what so ever. I recon believes as poison. ¨

Note: this is the time of consequence. If you are living a lie – it is time to deal with it.


“You can hurt me with truth – but never comfort me with a lie.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”






Day 620 – 21 days trial of ending blabbering – Day 2

21 days trial of ending blabbering

– Day 2

There is some mathematical coolness with numbers. Humans take 7 years to change all and every cell in the body. 3 times 7 is 21 – so a 21 day trial can be worthy of investigating either you are quitting porn, cigarettes or sugar. Stop a habit for 21 days and see what changes with you.

Starting 9th of November. I am doing a non blabbering walk for 21 days.

I am starting to walk a 21 day trial of not blabbering, not talking on things I do not practically need to talk about. I will not talk about things that are not needed to be talked. I started Monday the 9th of November to only open my mouth and talk if I needed to.

We humans talk lot and, a lot of it is simply blabbering. Non sense. But that also has consequences. Mind you that. A lot of what we talk is simply not supportive or needed for. So I am going to walk for 21 days to limit what I say to a minimum, of what is needed for, and not talk more than what I need.

If I need to talk I will talk it – it is just that I will not talk when it is not needed for. Seams simple ? I dare you to try. Change yourself. Because we seem to fail to see that point of creation that we create consequence with everything that we do. All that I do have consequences. All of it. So that means I should mind what I say. Right ? We are creators. Let’s walk.