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Day 789 – Change without to change within


Interview here: https://eqafe.com/p/change-without-to-change-within-quantum-systemization-part-157


In this interview we are presented the case study of a individual, who walked consistent with yoga to be able to embody and live words to further quantify the process of self. From consciousness to awareness.

Consistent and doing what one know will assist one. We all know deep within what can be of assistance and of support.  Also this describes the method to change without to change within. To live the words that we use of support. Like with yoga, it is self who has to become relaxed and patient, slowing down, and calm. It is not the yoga that provides these words that is the self. But the structure of yoga can assist with this and bring words forth, then the individual can grow and evolve and expand in these words – as these words.


To integrate such words, relax, patience, slow down, calm, gentleness, – words we all more or less strive to live in our daily life. Words that can be relate to the yoga or a stretching experience, can be assisted with yoga for self to embody, as living words to expand self.


So yoga can be a touch of difference and change in the process of becoming more of self through living words and to expand self.


Check out the interview to further understand how to embody and live words, through applications such as yoga.


I also started doing yoga a week ago, consistent every night before bed. Looking forward to see what fruits this will bring me and my process of change.



Let’s change  !


Enjoy !

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– I am living proof