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Day 810 – in bloom



Recognizing myself as life through… change and persistent work.

I have lived a rather turbulent life, after my teens I was stuck in much addictions, mental illness, in the extreme of options, and often sabotaging myself and life for everyone else.

Since January 2012, when really starting to walk my desteni i process, of forgiving myself and starting to literally save myself. To heal and recover. It has now been more than 5 years  of steady walking. And it is at the moment my job, now, to recognize in me, with me, the change that have taken place. To literally learn to know the new me.


You can say that now I have learned to live, learning to know my living organism, my body, the physical within self. Finding a reason to be able to (be) response – able. To learn to be self honest. This I have more or less incorporated into my living. Into making my life into support and to thrive as a living organism, as a being. This have taken me lots of work and dedication. Point now is to trust myself. To accept myself as all that I have been and all that makes me. To recognize what and how I already have managed to change as and with myself.


Today I live on my second year in a camphill village in south west norway. I have healthy food, clean water, roof over my head. Good friends, some real work, a network internationally of people who are dedicated to working within the same as me : to become whole and complete, physical, self honest, real, best for all, versions of the very self.

Life is now blooming for me…. in many of the words meaning. Life is complex and life is dear. It is the only on we get !

I greet you in oneness and equality – as life !


Investigate : http://desteni.org/




Day 769 – Camphill living

Perspective on living in a ecological farm


cows out to grass

Camphill villages is ecologically driven villages and farms and communities that is suited and designed to people with disabilities and needs, who don’t usually fit into the larger hectic/capitalistic society/system. Personally I am diagnosed with schizophrenia.

My camphill life is structured so I can work my way through my schizophrenia with walking with the tools of desteni.org

I just realized that from me living on a ecological, camphill farm and village it gives me the opportunity to have structure. HUH ! We all need some sort of structure and organizing to function optionally. To me structure is like a pattern of organizing – it gives me a sense of control in my living. And after that freedom within the application/task !

I live in a camphil village in the south west of Norway. I have lived here since 01.07.2016. Let me tell you that life here is truly swell. Now there are so many different ways to be living life here on this earth and I would say I am truly grateful for living where I am and under these conditions that is present.

It gives me routines and structure. I provides me with cultural and spiritual/emotional insight. It serves me the best and healthiest of food. It grounds me with good work for the body. It gives me inspiring and touching and dear talks and interactions. It provides me with very dear friendship and colleges and hugs, and it is a international touch to it with people here from all corners of the world.

Life here is season based. And there are things like Bible study groups and practice of Christian tradition. This is of course voluntary if ones chooses to participate or not. I find the Bible study group very interesting – I get to share my insights and perspective from this important historical script.


me after a days work

Now in the spring I can walk outside and pick my food of herbs from the garden. I can go swim in the fjord or in a freshwater stream, and enjoy a talk, a flower, a goat  … on my way to do so.

There are currently goats, sheep, cows, chicken, birds, bees, and cats here. They provide me with honesty, insight , groundednes, stability,  and realness, awareness and strength – besides the meat, milk, honey and eggs that is also on my plate.

We are very sufficient with dairy products, meat, some herbs, some fruits, berries and also a lot of vegetables.  This awareness is awesome and it brings up gratefulness and humbleness within me.

Camphill living with interacting with animals is very therapeutic. A goat will “tell” you straight. The animals, are honest and real, they are not mind based like us humans.   They don’t have our obsessive thinking, so they are more stabile and here, firm, grounded, sound as physical and natural. Something I know that we humans must learn sooner or later…

Being able to go out and pet a cow or a sheep or talk to the chickens is just medicine ! Very rejuvenating and real! I am very grateful for that presence in my living. It makes me more honest, and alive, like colourful and expressive.


One can even go as far as to say that this planet should be for animals and nature only, and not for humans. If we look at how humans treat nature, other humans, animals and so on… it makes sense. Which means that we (humans) must change… or we are doomed. There is no other way.


I am grateful for my living in this camphill. Some of the traditions is maybe not of my liking, but there is room to discuss and debate most things. The antroposofic way is known to be a alternative way of living in Norway. Most of it is very cool and down to earth. Either way we can debate practice and reach common ground. The environment  and the ecological policy is very appealing to me and I would imagine to all people. The camphill way is by all means a way for the future.  I don’t agree to some of the Christian/religious traditions, but we can work through it and come to agreements.

The way of living is simple, and structured and rich. I recommend to find a camphill near you, and become friends with them, visit them and test it out. There are camphill villages mostly in Western Europe, North America, but also in Russia, South – Africa and India.

Enjoy your investigation of camphill !



Day 723 – Celebration of pioneers




If you have put your nose into camphill history and origin… you know who “Karl Koenig” was and some of his work perhaps. I will let you in on it anyhow. Karl Koenig was a Austrian pediatrician, who wanted what is best for all – also for children with disabilities. So he started a home for special/”disabled” children in Scotland in 1939. Like you can see, he was quite a opposite of the Hitler also from Austria that we “know” so well from that same time.


Annyhow, Karl Koenig, together with his friends from Austria where the founders of camphill villages that where to start spread throughout the world during the 1950 – and until to this day still being created and developed.

His philosophy was simple to give equally. To treat with dignity and to not discriminate but to make it good and safe for everyone.  He was deeply inspired by Rudolf Steiner and other thinkers and spiritualists that Europe fostered in the last centuries.

Today almost 80 years later, since the first village was established,  there is still a lot of the old teachings from Dr Koenig and Rudolf Steiner with the everyday life and activities of camphill. Focus might have changed slightly, and been gently pulled by time and consumerism, but to my awareness much is still the same of duties, service, organization and structure of the everyday life in camphill’s all over the world.

I was so lucky to take part, having recently moved to a camphill in Norway, I was invited to celebrate the 50 years of camphill in Norway.  The first village was started in 1966 called “Vidaråsen” in Vestfold, southern Norway.




This cause a massive party and festival with 400 guests, singing, music, food, dance, hugging, laughing and being deeply inspired by the fellow man effort and creativity as well as endurance, enthusiasm and simple beauty.

To me it was huge celebration of life, camphill and the Nordic model of one of the world best care systems for people, with “disabilities!” Though to me, the people why camphill was created for, are the real life teachers of this world. A person with down’s syndrome does not “think” like other humans think – the many painful thoughts and bothers of mind. No, they are more pure. Plain and simple.

I was honored to take part in the huge celebration with my fellow men and women from all over Norway, and also guests from the Nordic countries, and from the Baltic countries and Russia to. It was awesome. I was deeply moved and inspired by the many people and their enthusiasm and pure life joy. It appears to me that the people that have been graded as “disabled” are the real life teachers of this world – people and children who don’t depend on thinking and consciousness that much.  If we help them adjust the environment and let them show the way – we can do miracles.




Thank you



Day 719 – Stabilizing myself in Hogganvik Camphill Village


Since 1st of July 2016 – I have officially held my address in Hogganvik Village in Vindafjord, south west Norway. Life here is rich like they say in Copake Camphill (NY) USA. Life here is very rich. It is rich in hugs (!) quality food, rest, work, animal care, making music, and much much more. Camphill Village holds the things that humans appreciate as the qualities of life, or at least what it should be. It is a mutual benefit society, on holistic principles. It is not perfect but nothing really is perfect. It is a good life where just that; life is in focus.

I have lived with schizophrenia for 38 years now. I was born with it. I receive a welfare check as disability for having schizophrenia. It makes it practically possible for me to live and work here at the camphill. I do what work I can do, and I do my best. I rely on others to do their share and together in it all we make  great team and then also a better life through giving our efforts worth, weather it is fire woods, milking of cows, weeding, picking berries, cooking or doing house chores.


Today I have been working with cleaning of bathrooms, and I have also been making buns for this evening and for tomorrows breakfast.

I am learning to take responsibility and to appreciate the work I do as well as the work that is done for me, for the community. I am working on stabilizing myself in this community and to be grounded here as myself: body and being , mind and all – in this camphill village.

It is a challenge to stabilize oneself in such a place. Lots of things are new to a guy who lived alone before, and also considering how my life have changed the last 5 – 6years.


Here is my go at the word stabilizing:





Current allocation: I would think of stabilizing as a method or tool to become stabile and calm from first being active/chaotic. On average with self. If you are stabile you stand. An equality with self. Stabilizing is important to have good health.  I would think that today I am not that stabile and I could need to stabilize further within my process. Stabilizing is something one does and that is needed after a turmoil or after a storm or possession/psychosis or after a reaction/commotion. A big tree is stabile and a rock is stabile, grounded and consistent. I usually tell myself every morning : Calm, comfortable, stabile and make it my job to live these words.

Dictionary definition:


to make or hold stable, firm, or steadfast.


to maintain at a given or unfluctuating level or quantity:


The government will try to stabilize the cost of living.


Aeronautics. to put or keep (an aircraft) in stable equilibrium, as by some special device.


verb (used without object), stabilized, stabilizing.


To become stabilized.




1861, originally of ships; probably a back-formation from stability, or else from French stabiliser. Related: Stabilized; stabilizing. Earlier verbs in the same sense were stabilitate (1640s) and simple stable (v.) “make steady or firm, make stable” (c. 1300), from Old French establir.


Sounding of word:

stable twice


double eyes

stabile eyes

say bees


Polarity of word:

Negative: I need to stabilize on a constant basis. I think I am never stabile enough. I think I would need to make huge efforts to stabilize all the time. I would feel like to stabilize is too hard for me. Too much to ask.

Positive: I like to experience myself as stabile, calm and directed. It is a good sense of authority and self direction when I experience that. I cherish to be stabilized, I strive for it.


Creative writing:

Being schizophrenic, I would strive for stabilizing all the time it seams. I would think that when I am stabile I go into feelings and desires. Judging myself as not worthy of being stabile. I realize that I need to live this word further. I need to bring to here, what is my reason for judging myself within this and investigate it & forgive it. So I can live this word to myself.



Self forgiveness:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as not worthy of stabilizing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make stabilizing something more than myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I can’t stabilize it is too much to ask.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that to stabilize is the core challenge to a schizophrenic.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I can never be to stabilized.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I always fail to stabilize.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of construction work when thinking of stabilizing and I would think that I am not a particular good or crafty worker with constructions and buildings – simply judging myself for not being stabile.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as a bad engineer.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I need  more time to stabilize before I do whatever.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to fall down from standing up and stabilizing.


Self corrections:

When and as I see myself judging myself as a bad construction worker and as a bad engineer, I stop myself, I slow myself down and I breathe. I realize that I am living this life with schizophrenia. I realize that I can become stabile if I practice it. I realize that I can become stabile if I can trust myself. I realize that  I need to stabilize myself where ever I go.

I commit myself to slow down and stabilize. I commit myself to ground myself in breathe and physical and to stabilize myself. I commit myself to find my safe place/zone and stabilize.


New definition:

Stabilizing is to have grounding, it is getting to be centered and to be or become calm and at ease from first experiencing turmoil or stress and unrest.

Vol: 2

New definition: Stabilizing is to be at level. Stabilizing is consistent and calm/comfortable and at ease.


big tree  wallpapers hd (1).jpg

thanks for reading


Day 690 – My new life at Hogganvik Camphill


The fjord and our village


I am moving to a camphill village.  With living in Norway I am cared for as of most living cost. I receive money to live a decent life. No luxury; but a  life without too much hardship or lack. If I manage to not drink & smoke  I save a lot more and can spend that extra money on a car or on a holyday. This is Norwegian health care, providing for me as of today with my schizophrenia. That might not be everyone’s view since we are not trained how to spend our money.


1st of July 2016, I moved to the Hogganvik camphill in Vindafjord in the south – vest of Norway. I had been a visitor of this camphill for many years. Visiting and gradually maturing with the idea of moving here. Now this summer the time had come and I quit my rent and my other commitments in Bjerkreim. It is a process to move with all the data that have to be done. I will move my furniture later on and  gradually move up my stuff this summer.


hogganvik camphill.jpg

A view – coming up from the fjord


My day looks like this:

At 07:30 there is breakfast. Right before breakfast I take cod liver oils and magnesium and I eat on my way to the breakfast some green leavs from the green house. I have blood type A so I need lots of fresh herbs and greens. Wild burning nettle is also something I eat everyday during summer. I actually chew lots of burning nettle all day lol


Everything we consume here in the village is ecological as long as it goes/practical. Breakfast is : homemade musli, with homemade yoghurt from own fresh milk. We have 6 cows giving milk right now, we keep all the milk to yourself. Also there is cofe/tee and fresh milk.


At 08:30 we have morning meeting. We stand in a circle about 20 of us, and we talk about our day and direct chores and work. Perhaps we sing a song. That is always nice and connecting.



Part of dining table and the spacious living room in; Anne Hansen House


At 08:45 work starts. My work these days is to walk with the cows to their designated field to grass. This is after we have milked them around 06:00. It is enjoyable to walk with the cows. They are awesome creatures.


I walk the cows and I return from the 1 kilometer walk, to the barn and to further chores. Perhaps it is cutting weeds, or feed the pigs, or feed the goats or fed the calves. Or shovel shit from cows that have given us milk. Washing of equipment and so on.

At 10:30 there is lunch break. I have then with me tea and a piece of bread with homemade cheese. Also a banana or a apple and a bottle of water. We sit under this break and talk in groups about our work and in general about life.


Then back to work with farm stuff. Perhaps moving some calves or harvesting berries for jelly or other things. My work these days ends at 12:45. Then it is dinner. I shower and go to the house where I eat. I eat my dinner and we do dishes together – all of us that practically can, and it is a joyful team spirit.


There are 5 big houses with small apartments/rooms. Most of us share our bathrooms. There are 2 other buildings, like a office and a retirement home, and a barn. There are 12 of us here living with needs – or that receive welfare from the government. We are about 20 – 25 in total in the village that are here on a daily basis. Not all people live in the village that work in the village.


The house I live in is called “Arne Garborg House” he was a writer living in this area some 100 years ago.  All housed have names after people with merits in their life, like poets, painters and so on.

I am at the moment alone in this house. There is other people coming soon to move in with me, but for now I there for eat in a other house to be together during meals.

My apartment here in Arne Garborg house is not yet done, it is in process of being renewed. Like from carpeting and painting. That is supposed to be done by this fall.

So from dinner at 13:00 I have then been working most of the morning and the it is time for computer, writing, cleaning up or doing other stuff like reeducating myself through youtube/internet.

Life here is much more full. I joke and laugh about most things together with the others. I tend to do songs with a sort of… to sweet voice and use of words. Like I would sing out (inn a boy band manner):

“Now that I am free and standing in the waters, the look of your eyes makes me want to hold you in my arms…”

– kind of songs… So we laugh a lot – and we can laugh some more.

Of course there are things not that fun and perhaps of a more serious manner. If people become angry of sad and so on. Dialogue solves most of it.


There is a last house here not yet described yet. It is called “Iduna”. Iduna is like the cultural center of our camp. There we can have mess (with priest) or we have painting session, or music. There is a own band here who performs when time comes for that.  Iduna is a place where we do morning meeting it is too much rain outside. It is always voluntary to participate in the religious meetings.



Kitchen at Anne Hansen House


We have a lot of other routines here. Like with washing of houses or milking of cows or making cheese, feeding the chicken or feeding the cats and so  on.


And did I mention we are close to the ocean with a fjord here, so there is often fish for dinner !

Life here is good. So far after 12 / 13 days it have been  a huge success, and it makes me aware of possibilities for other people, now that I see and learn that camphill (Norway) is more active taking in people from psychiatry and not just autism. There is so much more to write. If you are wondering about camphill find out if there is one near you. Give them a call & a visit. That is how it started for me, and so far it have been a  huge success.



The pig “Trygve “and a friend


The two other blogs I have written a bout this place:


Day 677 – Camphill village : a schizophrenic perspective


Day 679 -14 days of testing Camphill living



More pictures:



Thank you !


Day 679 -14 days of testing Camphill living

14 days of testing Camphill living

– the decision to be made


The last 2 weeks I have spent living side by side with brothers and sisters, in a Camphill village in south Norway. It has been a very fun and interesting and most a physical experience. I have  been milking cows, carrying water, shoveling and carrying away cow and sheep shit, weeding,  making cheese,  piling woods, preparing food, caring for self-physical, swimming in the cold fjord, eating wild stinging nettle,  and dandelion straight from the ground. I have been caring for my sisters and brother s inn this village, serving tea/coffee and food,  the enjoyment of being together like  a family and helping with more practical things like sun lotion on skin and doing dishes and washing the indoors. Adjusting hearing aids, discussing world politics, listening to the village band playing music, and reading books.



In between I have had some time to computer, to read mails and to follow discussion and watch some news and some videos on you-tube.  Also just lying on my bed after a long day or work, with a good book and Per Gynt by Grieg on play.


A typical day I wake at 05:50 and get into my farm clothes. I walk out to get the cows, 6 cows, in from their night out at the green field. We take them inn to the barn and greet each other in the new day at mother: here earth.  After milking cows, which is a delicate process, we let the cows back out on the field. When working with animals I decided to make it on their premised as much as possible. I work with animals I let them decide as much as possible from cognizance/mind/communication. I focus on having an agreement with the animals so that abuse does not occur. This work design was paying off with granting remarks to me from others. My work and ambition was honor by the other farmers. Really cool and empowering experience.


At Hogganvik we make our own cheese. Really tasty cheddar. I have now witnessed the whole process 2 times and it is my ambition to learn the skill of cheese making 100%.


At 07:30 it is breakfast. Often with homemade (original) yoghurt and organic musli, together with coffee, tea and milk.We sing a short song before eating and we all hold hands and say “thanks for food” after eaten. Then we all help to clean the table and get at dishwashing. Next thing is morning meeting at 08:30 where the rest of the day is designed. We then stand in a great circle. Everyone that is in village, stands in circle, perhaps we sing a song, and greets each other and the day. Organizers and folkalizers  arrange what then needs to be done and after that we go to work. Work then could be  to help with the sheep, perhaps to change the field of grassing or clean out some dirt after cows or calves and do the designated tasks that the farmer aske of us. Fixing fences, helping hurt of week animals or cleaning equipment there I always something to do at a farm. There is currently about 40 sheep and almost 100 lambs that needs tending. 6 cows and 4 younger cows that have not yet had calves. And there are now 6 small baby claves.  There I also 8 goats and quite a few chicken and lots of cats and one big dog. Responsibility in other words.  This is a process of edification of me.


It has been quite an experience so far.  For a long time I have known that physical is important key within this existence. At this Camphill I am at physical work that is a key and an important factor. I really got to experience how well it to work physical with the body when I was participating with putting potatoes in the dirt. We would dig up the dirt and work with heavy tools. It was quite physically hard experience. I was sweating and really feeling my body. At the same time I also minded myself to be aware. Work or work – out should not hurt. If it hurts you don’t want to go back at it. If it hurts the body does not want to go back at it to participate with it. You have to cooperate with the body and listen to the body. So I was working just hard enough to feel my muscles, and my balance and my sweat I also focused on living words and my breathe. It was over all cool and fun experience to work really hard. I would work most days from 06:00 till 17:00 with long diner break and lunch breaks.  I enjoyed the experience a lot. My body was healing as I worked the soil with my tools and with the woods.  After work I took a bath in the cold fjord. It was over all a very empowering experience with and as my being and my body. There is also the opportunity to catch fish in the fjord.



Working side by side with other people you soon learn to adjust yourself to them and to their tempo and their mindset. I often have to take a breath to ground myself when working in the woods, minding not to be too ambitious and minding that stress. That way I avoided having splinters in my fingers and the work environment is over all, much better among all. Working with people that have a more or less  need of care, mentally or physically is a gift in itself and the question about whether they are “handicapped” is more question of who is asking.  How people treat each other in this world, and it is those who judge in the high office and in the streets that are handicapped and not people with what you could call on with a more honest intellect.  I am not joking.

One thing that would fuck with me was my eczemas. My hands become red and itch. So I have to work on myself and my history to clear out that stress points within my body and within my mind. The eczemas is a point of fear of this new change in my life (moving here) and also a fear of the fear of eczemas in itself. Some of it is connected back in my history to from before 14 years of age.  So this point of eczemas is my main focus point atm.

My back also hurts sometime badly but I know why from looking at mind and from kinesiology session.  So that point I know.

My eczemas are more a mystery – but I will work on that to and open it up within writing.


All in all I see a small risk with moving here – to investigate my eczemas and to investigate my back pain point.  This risk I will take! We are living in a world of great changes, and I would like to work more physically with my body grounding myself. Physically working on farm makes me smile. And to feel appreciation. I feel valid and I feel self – worth and self – love, self – expression inn work. Soooo precious things going on with and as myself at this place. I feel honored and privileged to be able to move and be a part of this great community.


Adjusting me being aware of my breath and working with my body is a great gift that I am discovering again. The other day I was baking rolls. They were perfect (!) ..and I had great compliments for them. I had a great time with baking and preparing food. Every day I participate with dishes. There is always something to do. My decision was if to move up here to live – I think you see why I would like to move to this camphill.


Working and adjusting and reminding self to stay aware and to stay in living words. And within physical and in breathe, lol it I is quite the task of virtue to be living here in this village, that risk I will take.

Self – honesty, responsibility, breath awareness along with  living words and being role model  and being the best version of myself that I can be,  are here to be combine with this working life – thank you I will take it !