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Day 683 -Creating a better world

Creating a better world


No need to claim that this world is busy waking up and changing. People are seeing the deceive of mind and systems. The lies of banking, education, wars, news, entertainment govern-mind and so on… It is a long list and it is all lies…. And we are waking up like NEO in matrix.. one by one…


What does this mean ? It means that we are and we still need to create fundament of support and care for all of sustainable and ecological best for life: like Venus project lol. To me that is a cool goal to see created.


And so I have a goal. Venus project. Heaven on earth. Anarchy – the perfect order etc…How to get there. By creating part time goals and walking steps everyday to get to that point of actually building the Venus project (or other genuine supportive and best for all solution)

child mind consciousness system tormod


So by committing to everyday walks to take steps everyday in that direction and to have goals and a ways to work towards that greater goal. Part time goals in between – then you reach that goal in the end…


Creating new structures and fundaments, concepts, businesses  and service and platforms to further bring goals like.. the Venus project further. Consistent work every day towards that goal is key. Part time goals, everyday goals… until we are there!

To use the old problem, solution and reward recipe is also a good way to work and write. The in debt understanding of self is also very vital to be able to take  complete responsibility for self and self creation, which is rare today. Very rare.

What we accept and allow to go on these days, of atrocities, is beyond imaginations and is rooted in us like brainwashing and programing.

I want to explain to you something here. And that is how the point of control and “unit” of ..control way back behind all curtains and all the layers of control,  and conspiracies (!!) … that very point of unit/control/enslavement have been taken out. It is no longer here. You may think this sounds like star wars …and that is not far from the truth. We all should know now by now,  that we have been had. Big time. The brainwashing have been complete and to the extreme with all of us us… all we have ever known – have been lies… and lies and  lies.


That is why we can say stop, and realize that we must take a 180  degree turn. We can create  utopia, Venus project and beyond that. I am not joking. The very establishment of control and … be – lie – ves are not in “real” power any more, as the very core “product” they were serving have been taken out. I can explain all this is details, or you can go to YouTube and search through the millions of videos explaining the lies…. but I think you deep, deep within you understand my words.


So what time is this? This is the time of consequence,  and also the year of creation. It is time to create a better world, new supportive and best for all solutions.  Together we can walk towards a great goals of oneness and equality.

I am busy creating a better every day for mental health within psychiatry.

New platforms and new democratic instruments are here. We already have the opportunity to have direct democracy, all the solutions are out there, waiting to be used. Hidden by the mainstream media, and the “old” lies, rooted back at self and mind.

You like me are the key to betterment. Lets walk and create together. Life is waiting for its creators to create, a better world for all, Venus project and beyond…

I have walked a creation process now for more than 4 years. I have gotten over  possessions, obsessions, voices, addictions, imaginations, personalities, believes, judgments, fears, emotions, feelings, mind games, anger, sorrow, thoughts, sabotage, self hurt, suffering, self pity, secret mind, mind fucks….  and literally tons and tons of metaphysical material that I was carrying with me. All this I leave behind, like nothing  from walking my desteni i process.

I stand changed here, in creation. Will you create with me ?



the venus project