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Day 789 – Change without to change within


Interview here: https://eqafe.com/p/change-without-to-change-within-quantum-systemization-part-157


In this interview we are presented the case study of a individual, who walked consistent with yoga to be able to embody and live words to further quantify the process of self. From consciousness to awareness.

Consistent and doing what one know will assist one. We all know deep within what can be of assistance and of support.  Also this describes the method to change without to change within. To live the words that we use of support. Like with yoga, it is self who has to become relaxed and patient, slowing down, and calm. It is not the yoga that provides these words that is the self. But the structure of yoga can assist with this and bring words forth, then the individual can grow and evolve and expand in these words – as these words.


To integrate such words, relax, patience, slow down, calm, gentleness, – words we all more or less strive to live in our daily life. Words that can be relate to the yoga or a stretching experience, can be assisted with yoga for self to embody, as living words to expand self.


So yoga can be a touch of difference and change in the process of becoming more of self through living words and to expand self.


Check out the interview to further understand how to embody and live words, through applications such as yoga.


I also started doing yoga a week ago, consistent every night before bed. Looking forward to see what fruits this will bring me and my process of change.



Let’s change  !


Enjoy !

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Day 617 – What makes a personality ?

Within my register or should I say collection of personalities, that I have played out in my time, the personality individually differ from each other from what sort of platform/context they are placed within. The single personalities differ from each other taken into consideration what context and physical reality they are manifested within and who I am talking and acting together with.
It is like I have one personality while talking to my dad, another when talking to a child, a third personality talking to the supermarket cashier lady, and so on… Compounded matter created over time from communicating and acting.
I have different messages, different truths considering what people I am talking to. So having more personalities is in fact really dishonest. I can’t inn honesty (!) have one truth when I talk to my dad and a different truth when I talk to a child or a old school chum and so on…
There is in fact no truth, there is only denial of what is here.
So having different things to say to through different personalities is in fact dishonest and that is also a layer of how this word/world is stitched together, creating war and conflict from lies and corruption.
Change starts with self. The more you change self from acting and applications the more your reality will shape and be created.
If you do what is easy like it is hard, then what is hard will inn its turn, become easyBernard Poolman
Goal must to be come clean of personalities and be genuine and self honest in everything. Not having to really on personalities to tell one how to act/talk. It should come naturally here, as genuine expression.
It is like the mother or the father speaking with child-like-take-on-cartoon-voice to his or her child/toddler. Taking on fake voice is simply deceiving and lying, eventually hurtful to the child. Self honesty is needed at all times.
Different personalities is creating different effects. And what sort of effect do we want? Non – abusive effect that is best for all life. And self honesty does not abuse.
I recommend checking out this interview series on raising children:
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(video on what is self honesty):