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Day 793 – Book of life – self authority

I just had the most amazing discovery last night !

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Let me share with you, I was going to bed and doing so, going over some words that have been afloat in my awareness the last days. Some living words. The word “self authority” would peak out. And I would look at it. Close. To see what lies hidden within this word for me ??

First thing i would imagine is a police-man, being all authority and “hard”. Or a thought that “God” is the ultimate authority. Or an old teacher perhaps ? All such things I have now laid behind me and forgiven in detail.
After forgiving the energy addictions within so, I have come to open up this word to myself further – beyond actually – and what it would show me was absolutely amazing. Have you heard about term: “the book of life ” ? Well the saying goes that everyone has a book of life that is being read by self and in that manner – lived by self. It may seem complicated to understand but the basic is that we create our own reality. Abracadabra. So myself authority is me, and within me being the author of my book of life, I create and shape my words to go into my own book of life – that is my life and my reality that I create breath by breathe. Word by word.

Soooo that leads to the very bold but sane conclusion that I am my own self authority – by being the author of my own book of life. Creating my own book of life with my next breathe.

I know that there is no God that is ruling us like we are often led to believe. But now grounding it more back to self, back to reality, oneness and equality and what is best for all – and within all is also me. So I get what is best. By creating, in this second/breathe my own reality.

The book of life is my life – I will not leave it up to some projection of a bully, to rule me. No more !


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Day 583 – 2 days of workshop – 2 days of fun

I was attending a workshop from 8th until the 9th of June. It was about recovery within the old psychiatry. Within participating in arrangement and meetings there is always these metaphors or mind constructs – if you like.  This metaphysics follow with the talking and presenting from the leaders in charge of the power – point presentations. But we all, who participate, contribute to this. Something is always visual to the third eye. I was attending this workshop and before I went in there I thought to myself: Abra – ka – dabra (!) It is Hebrew language that means : you make your own reality. You create your own destiny. We all do – like it or not.

So I thought to myself…. It is really easy to focus on the anxiety and the fear or the paranoia within this meeting environment. We were turning the tide on psychiatry. But I though I am not going to take that, I wanted to create something cool and something good for all out of the whole workshop.

So I thought to myself – my focus will be on breathe and awareness as breathe. Now, I had occasions, during the workshop,  to face sort glimpses of anxiety or fear that I simply had to push through with my breathing and made it clear to myself that I would not accept these negative energy construct, or components of fear; at all.

I did this pushing through for 2 days of workshop on recovery. And guess what… the recovery workshop, where I simply attended, was a huge success. The workshop was a so much fun and we all were quite grateful and humble in the end, we all learned so much more, from each other, and from the workshop leaders.

So in short if you attend something, and participate somewhere, and you want it to be a cool and a good experience – push through and breathe through that hardness – through the light in the tunnel. You and every one will benefit. After all: Abra – ca – dabra – you create your own reality.

This I learned during these two days. Pushing through breathing is very powerful, and a focus on breathe and physical is a healthy point to hold.

And to me it proved a great success and the whole workshop was great fun.

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You will not regret. Have a nice day.