Day 457 – What is the plan for the preprogrammed part of population?

What is the plan for the preprogrammed part of population?







Now there is something I need to clear out here. I will here clear the air. We have all been programed in detail. From creation. We have been programmed to chase each other head over heels from greed and egoism and selfish needs. This has been going on since the origins of man and it have not started to end until now today. We are told how to speak, talk, walk, fuck, shit and think. Everything from what you can compare to Pink Floyds the wall. We are brick inn a wall. We are all left as looser inn the competing of greed and selfishness. There is nothing but losers here.


If you have seen the matrix, movie. You probably remember the scene where Neo wakes up from his bubble- battery in the field of millions of people living to charge the system with its energies. Just like that we are feeding the system with thoughts and backchats every day, feeding the system our energies. Like we have been programmed to. So I chose for myself to step out of the program, break the cycle, and into reality. Real life. Breathing a 4 count breath and forgiving myself my transgression, and my fear and egoism etc. Thoughts, feeling, pictures, characters, emotions, dreams and imaginations, everything and totally undress myself for these relations. Until I have directed everything back to myself and back to its original place of nature. Learning by doing and correcting myself and by walking my life to be that change I want to see inn this world.


But what about the millions of others that do not want to wake up? What about the people that simply wants to participate with the pre – programming and the life inn matrix simply feeding their energies to mind and to the system? Well if you are one of them I encourage you to seize the day. Stop the matrix and stop the mind and start to walk with us within desteni, for what is best for all. We know what we need to do. We have to totally change the system into something that is serving life not that is ruining life. We must tear down all the old structures of egoism and greed, and face our self in honesty. Honesty does not abuse. It is time to realize that we can no longer ignore the solution to these problems. It is time to let everyone have piece of the cake. Living income to all, so that more are capable to take responsibility for themselves. So that more people can learn to work with self – forgiveness and to get to self-honesty, and self-trust.



The millions of human beings that live their complete lives in the system as slaves of the system, have not woken up. They simply feed the system with their energies so that they can feel accepted and thy can feel include and in control. But they are not. They are still just patterns within mesmerizing and files of reincarnation. Desteni is not a religious movement. Quit the contrary. We believe that you have to wake up the god of mind and take responsibility for yourself, physically, here today, within the life that you live. Millions dies every day in vain. If you are woken up and if you   can see yourself as Neo in the back of your mind, waking up. I encourage you to find a desteni course to walk and start writing to freedom. Self – forgiveness is the great key to the many doors.


We know what we have to do. Desteni is like a tool provider and a tool box with all the right tools. It is up to you to start using them. Don’t let your life be wasted. Lets start changing this world today.

Set yourself free



Let’s do this for the best of all humanity and for all life on this earth.


Thank you!


Day 456 – Facing secret mind

Emptying out secret mind: Till here no further!


What is secret mind ?


If you do not know what is secret mind I suggest reading this article by Sunette Spies from the desteni forum:


Before you read this:

I realize that my secret mind have troubled me for some 30 years or so. I have come to realize that this program of secrecy and guilt and shame have tormented me for a long time. I realize that I have no longer use for my secrets or my secret mind. I realize that it is through self – forgiveness, I have managed to stop and delete the gate keeper, being the backchating demon within my head that is now being washed away and deleted. I am stopping the activities of my secret mind and conspiracies. I realize that I may again face trouble with secret mind and conspiracies and I would now know better how to handle it. I realize that I am not in fact deleting my secret mind but rather stating that I will not keep secrets to myself or anyone else in this world on basis of shame, guilt or remorse in particular. I will work on self – forgiveness and self-corrections on how to stop and empty my secret mind and my backchats from occurring again. Step by step, day by day. Until I am lesser and lesser affected by it.


What is Self-forgiveness?

It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca







I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear my relations to permanently opening up my former closed secret mind or for fearing the backchats or the energies that have been holding me back and creating this handicap of schizophrenia and emotional turmoil within my head and my mind through the years where I realize this major shift for myself where I do not allow myself to carry secrets or carry conspiracies or guilt or shame within my secret mind no more, and where I realize that I trough forgiving the backchat I have managed to free myself from this type of mental, mind slave relationship and stopping secret mind and leaving it open.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that this change within me is not real and that since it is not real It is fake where I fool myself with telling myself that it will reverse or fall back on me and it will be turned against me again like an old habit, from before where I close down within my secret mind and hide within thoughts and thinking to hide and create lies and war inside of myself and where I realize that I am fooling myself and failing to realize that I have made this cool achievement of making my weakness of schizophrenia, and carrying of emotions and feelings and creating all sorts of fuss around me from reactions and thinking that I have now opened up this chamber within me where I can be myself, rely on myself, have others rely on me, and not be secretive, to a much farther degree and where I can rely on what choices or paths that I choose that will be common sense and what is best for all. All the time.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel this sense of liberation or greatness like a feeling where I realize that I am stopping my mind and learning to live my life with myself, over again and where I learn to live my life for what is best for all and not trough secrecy. And I realize that I am heading on to taking more responsibility and looking at honesty and breathing steady and being here as life and not as secrets and guilt.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compare secrets and guilt to each other and where I realize that I am fooling myself with how I actually create polarities with this picture of me opening up a box or a locker and saying that this picture is cool or calming, and I realize that this image of myself opening up and closing a locker as I chose is the symbol of me taking control of and emptying out my secret mind and really deleting its functions and I realize that since I have started to practice slowing down I am experiencing this notion of taking control of my life to a further degree and I empty out my last secrets from within myself and bringing it back to myself and I realize that this process have facilitated for me by people from before me and that I am living of the benefits of other peoples effort from what they have laid as basis and premises towards equality and oneness.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel and have a certain need to show gratefulness and thankfulness towards the people that have done this facilitating of mental designs and programs, before me and I realize that this is a process that everyone should walk to learn self and mind and that it will be more and more facilitated as people push through this training.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I own it to myself to be grateful and to be kind and gentle with myself and to continue on slowing down myself and I realize that it is all thanks to my own effort of slowing down, and how I have learned to say self – forgiveness and stopping the mind and emptying out secret min and stopping the pre – program through the tools of desteni.




When and as I see myself standing in front of this word secrecy or in any matter facing the phenomena of secret mind and backchat again. I stop and take a deep breathe. I realize that through my time I have possible not been so bothered by anything like I have as from secret mind and backchats. I realize that secret mind is best left open and stopped or halted. I realize that through practicing slowing down I am able to see clear what I am working on and by slowing myself down I see the points and the elements clearer.

I commit myself to continue slowing down and taking my time with what I do in my life. I commit myself to further investigate slowing down and making myself calm and easy with slowing down and securing myself within trust, and be honest with myself on how I choose the slowing down compared to speeding up and stressing. I commit myself to open up my mind and my secret mind at all times and to have an open mind so that I can speak my mind at all times.


The two last pictures from:

Thank you for reading!

Day 455 – What is paranoia ?

What is paranoia??

Paranoia is according to Wikipedia: a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. says that:

Paranoia is:

  1.   A mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, whichare ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.



Desteni forum on the topic:



How thoughts create physical reality


 What is paranoia to me?

Whenever I sense that I am starting to collect energies or entity masses, memories and pictures, within my head and my brain or my body, and I start to collect these energy pockets, and gather them up to have a reaction or a thought, this process from gathering information and energies, is paranoia. Today I am able to stop this gathering of energies, and delete the paranoia to an extensive degree. Preparing to think. I am experiencing paranoia. It is my process of building up full thoughts, or simply backchats to have roaming through my head that is my paranoia.

Again, I would say that having paranoia is the reactions or the friction that goes on within me metaphysically that are collecting energies and mass to produce a thought and to have thoughts as a part of the preprogram and matrix living that I have lived and that I am still to certain degree am living.

blow youre

So you could say that it is the start of having thoughts or you could say like Bernard Poolman said it: “All thought is paranoia”

Now, what is common sense with having paranoia? Humans are all very much likely to have some thoughts during a day; the mind conscious system that lives within us is expecting thoughts to feed it its energies. And as long as we live our lives within what is pre – programme and matrix we are doomed to have these thoughts and this enslavement during our lives.

So are we doomed to be a littel paranoid every day? Yes defiantly… all of us.

Everyone is experiencing some degree of paranoia, underneath the layers personalities, pictures, memories and the fears, the words, and the image of self, habits, abuse, relations, religions, and so on. Paranoia could be the process of gathering energies and memories and mass to produce thoughts and the process to gather energies and masses of energies to have thoughts and to have paranoia.

So what is common sense with paranoia?

Common sense with paranoia is to learn self and to learn mind to deal with it so it does not get out of hand and create a personal crisis or unwanted drama. Common sense here would be to learn self – forgiveness and self-corrections, and guess what! You can start today, with the lite course from desteni:


Check out:

Day 454 – Self – forgiveness – silence – the word silence.

Self – forgiveness – silence – the word silence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear silence because I am expecting silence to be broken by noise and backchats or voices in my head where I realize that It is lack of self confidence and self trust that is causing the breaks of silence, like friction or reactions, to happen within my head, and in my world.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear ending up lonely only because I would like silence to come to me, and I realize that I fear silence because I am connecting silence to loneliness and to solitude.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the word silence and as I separate myself from this word I am giving into projection and blame onto other people like a, b, c and I create this relation of energies on how I blame them as I project on to them my issues and my troubles with relations to silence and remove myself from the responsibility of having these backchats or voices.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imagine and think that silence have to do with religion and religious practice, like one is told to be silence before God in church and at the same time to be obedient.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to relate this word silence to being a pupil at school and being told by teachers to be quiet.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that adults decide when we are supposed to be quiet or not.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself my memory of being told by my father or mother to be quiet and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to view myself as little and tiny and scared from being told inn harsh tone by my parents to be quiet.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not give place to silence within my life before now, and I realize how much I appreciate silence today.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I consider being quiet is something on the outside of one self and nothing to do with inside, failing to realize that so within so without principle of what is inside also shows on the outside.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from this word silence and think of it as something within enlightenment or something that I must get to, when I am already here.


Self corrections – silence

When and as I see myself experiencing a moment of quiet and peace of mind, I stop and I breathe. I realize that silence is really precious to me and I should be able to practice silence more and I realize that my moments of silence are the best time that I have. I realize that people go head over heal to try to have a quiet mind. I commit myself to the process of self forgiveness on components that are noisy or creating friction within my head and my mind. I commit myself to practice being silence and to practice living in quiet and peace with myself more and more every day.

When and as I see I stand and experiencing reactions, and frictions simply taking me over with its energies. I stop and I breathe. I realize how bad I at this moment want to experience silence and calamity. I realize that the best way I can sort this out is by writing down my thoughts and work from there on how to sort things out with self forgiveness. I realize that I can slow myself down and bring peace of mind and calamity to myself. I commit myself to practice silence by breathing a 4 count breath every day. 24/7.

Relationship to words: silence

The word silence. Wow, there is actually a word that describes silence that is in itself is quite impressive. When I say the world silence to myself I am having this picture of an old Simon and Garfunkel musical tape. And their song “The sound of silence”. And I associate it with being in solitude and being on my own, in nature and enjoying nature and being humbled by nature.

The word silence makes me want to chase these phenomena of silence. How can I experience more silence? Well noise and sound comes normally from friction or reactions. Communication very much today. Everywhere I look there is a TV or a computer playing music or showing pictures from aggression and suffering in the world. Cars, planes, train’s bugs and animals are making noise. The world is crying and being raped and I still crave silence? How selfish of me…

But really lest look at this. When I experience silence within myself is also put into action outside of myself, beeing calm and slowing down processes. So within so without. Like Jesus said give like you want to receive. Karma. Instant karma. So it is common sense of me to want to experience silence because then I would be at a more peace full state than before, and if I show peace and harmony within myself I can then at the same time express this outside of myself. So within so without. So in order for me to be a better leader and to being solutions to life , I need some sort of peace within myself and I need some sort of basis foundation that I can rely on that is quiet and not filled with friction and discomfort.

How can we bring more silence and quite to the world?

Well first we need to understand what is wrong. So we know that nature is being abused, animals are being abused, and children are being abused. This goes on 24/7 and it needs to stop. If everyone could be acting more honest there would not be so much abuse going on in this world. Honesty does not abuse. Are you being honest 100 % of the time? You need to, to prevent abuse. So I we need to be able to forgive ourselves, our neighbors and our friends and family and also yourself, as individuals. As responsible human beings. We bring more calamity and peace to life and to earth. Breathing a stabile awareness breath becomes easier when we start to forgive you.


How do I avoid making it into a religious and a spiritual flop where I am separating myself from this word and making it into something of enlightenment or religious?

Being inn silence is simply being here in the moment breathing and relaxing with one’s physical body. Nothing more nothing less. Trying to do what is best for all in common sense. Nothing in particular simply being, breathing life. No mind. Just be.

If more and more people could start to learn self-forgiveness it would help a lot. Through learning self-forgiveness one is learning to be honest. And by implying self-corrective application one changes oneness appearance and oneness practical mannerism and living like the words of Gandhi – be the change you want to see in this world. It starts with self with oneness breath and oneness awareness.

Self – forgiveness is the big key here. To start learning self-forgiveness one is releasing energy connected to oneness head and one mind. Self – forgiveness and self-corrective applications helps one and in its turn create anxiety and nervosity etc., from being dependent and relying on mind and feeling obsessed and possessed with mind. One can stop mind form owning ones every day and from the stress of mind. One can bring peace to the world by learning to breathe properly and to gain self-confidence and to actually support self. So start today, learn self-forgiveness bye the tool of desteni. you have nothing to lose and together we have everything to gain. Let’s walk this path of equality and oneness to bring is better life for all. We have this one chance, this one opportunity, lest change the game inn total and bring decency to everyone through

Check out:

–          And let’s change this world completely:  for what is best for all.

Thank you for reading.

Day 453 – Introduction, flag pointing word and redefining the word: sickness.

Day 1 – Introduction, flag pointing word and redefining the word: sickness.

Hi and welcome to my blog. Within this blog I will share with you my personal experinces of going through life and the many relations  it gives me. By chosing a path between negative and positve, chosing the neutral and the observing and equal path. A journey throught self forgiveness and self correction. De –  constucking the pre – programmed matrix, stopping the mind,  loosing the ego and the fear. And learning  to know who I am undernath all this. I will share with you on how I make my way from conscious to awarness. I will share with you no how I stop the patterns of thoughts, feelings and emotions in endless looping and breaking the cycle and starting of walking one stepp at the time and realizing myself with the tools of :






For more of my writings and posts:





Enjoy my blog!

Day 1

Here I am dealing with my relations to the word sickness. I have been using this word a lot within my writings, so it is time I clear my relations to it.

First I will flag point this word: sick/sickness, and then I will redefine it according to how I see myself within this word.

1. Flag point word sickness.

I am making a flag point on the word sickness. Which means that I am giving time to it and focusing on my relations to – and dealing with it, with total focus. I have been using this word sickness allot without reason, and I need to correct my points of how I and using this word. I have been saying that everything and everyone is, sick and that since everything is sick and so am I, so comes around goes around.

So above so below, what I have been criticizing have become real and I have had to face allot of stress and negative energies within me form what I would call for abuse or sickness of this word.




What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative – as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath.

– June Roca








I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fail to realize that as I have been going around and writing this word like “This is sick” or “That is sick” or “It is all sick” I have created a mind construct of negativity and a mind – set of emotions and simply bad and sick stuff like it have been hitting me back in my face like karma.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I have created a negative and demon energy within my path and my walking also that my process have become more difficult and harder, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I have created consequences for others within the environment and within their lives.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think to to myself that I need to stop criticizing everything as sick and for judging myself for using this word so often.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to say that everyone what lives and exists in this system is sick to and I realize that I have been criticizing the system, and simply acting mean and cruel in my words and in my thinking and also in that been blaming bugs and animals and all life as sick without reason.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to say to A and B that you are sick for not revolting or speaking up against the system and creating this tone of negativity and emotions around me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use this word sickness on everything around me where I go and I realize that I am not using this word in a proper way, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself because of how I use this word with or without intention.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for how I have been acting with simply being negative and criticizing everything and being a grump to it all and how this have hit me back like karma with my own negative energies.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to realize that I have created lot of negativity and consequences within my life and so above so below stating that I am responsible for my own consequences that I make and I realize that I have to take responsibility for my own words and my own acting.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I have not been able to make a choice within moving and deciding where to live that I relate to serving myself negative energy and creating a mind of demon energy around me and simply being negative to all and everything around me where it eventually slaps me in the face with making bad choices like karma.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I realize that the longer I have postponed to write this self forgiveness on this point the more karma have simply hit me and taken part of me with hallucinations and pictures and consequences within my head and my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge people in my physical around me for been sick, as I fail to realize that I am the one that is sick in the end from screaming it and from calling it I eventually end up like that myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame myself because of how I use the word sick and the I see it come right back to me and slap me in the face like a bad karma.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed how I see this pattern repeat in front of me with so within so without and I end up with endless blame and judging myself severely until I become totally possessed with this word sickness.

When and as I see myself about to say or write this word sickness. I stop and I breathe. I realize that there is nothing wrong with using this word it is simply the fact that I have been over – using it, and even if everything is pretty sick there is no point on calling it all the time, it because it will slap me back in my face eventually, and create consequences with my life. I realize that this word builds upon within me like anger or sadness and I need to write out and I need to speak out self forgiveness and self corrections, and I realize that if I let negative energies grow within I am creating negative outflow without of me. I realize that I must be careful with my words, and use my words in a way that is best for all. I must be genuine and stay true to my words, I must be responsible with them, I commit myself to a further degrees consider the words that I use and to be considerate with what I say and how I say it. I commit myself to slow down my speaking and writing. I commit myself to balance my words and to consider what I say at all times.






2. Redefying words: Sickness


Sickness according to this online dictionary:

1. A particular disease or malady.
2. The state or an instance of being sick; illness.
3. Nausea; queasiness.


Redefying words. In this world (or inn the word we live…) we live and literally feast of each other, one person’s death is another man’s feats sort of. It is within this world that we live and practice the system of capitalism or socialism or communist, fascism, matrix, consumerism, whatever you call it, it is still a system and it is still not serving what is best for all. The system that we live under is giving to the 1 % and more to the 00,1 % and even more power and gold to the 000000,1% and so on. Enough is enough. We have to change. Totally, we have to change the way we live and we have to change the system of how we are slaves to. So I will change my relationship to this word: sickness.

What happens when I hear this word sickness? What are my reactions?

First I see little children begging for food, begging to be seen begging to have care and health education and safety. Basic human rights: (link equal life fundations human rights) These littel children and young toddlers that are so fragile and so in danger at the same time. Then what i se is this; big mouth of some person that could have been I, simply feasting away from a plate and from a dinner or food and abundance. I see him, like I have seen myself thousands of times and just having a party with good and healthy food in abundance.

And then I hear this voice, calling for balance, calling for equality, calling for justice. It is screaming and yelling like life matters and it obviously does.

From the word sickness I see that people grow selfish and egoistic and full of greed. But from what? They, the elite like I is growing more and more egoistic because of the system thought them to. The system thought them to be selfish and greedy, so there is no wonder how they became so greedy.

It is a part of the pre – program. Butt still that is where most of my relations to this word are. The word sickness is telling me that the system is out of balance. The young African toddlers cannot help that they do not have enough to eat. But the greedy person shuffling food into ones moth can change. It is possible to step down from the ladder of greed and egoism and learn to share. It is what I am doing. Today. Here. So the word sickness is sort of explained by someone’s need or desire to have, have , have, have and simply have more food, more cars, more planes, more TV etc. – and not even looking back at who have little or less. That is where sickness lies, to me. This is the cradle of sickness. To ignore the status and to deny what is in front of ones awarness. Within what is ever explained as pre- program and design of humankind. Enslavement actually. To understand more about the enslavement of human kind I suggest to start investing time with reading, and listening to desteni videos and to start a process with one or more of the platform programs. Se links:



Desteni lite process:

Desteni i process pro

History of mankind on youtube:



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to consider myself and my task as hopeless since there is millions and literally billions of people living within the pre – programed design and living within a religions of consume and desire to fulfill ones ego and I would consider my task of trying to make people wake up and take responsibility, for a to big job, where I realize that my job is more important and the sooner or later it is simply a matter of time and lives saved. And by doing that taking away the elements of pre- programmed egoism, like I am doing here.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that everyone is sick because of someone’s greed and someone’s not willing to change or to share or to care for others. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I see that almost all of humanity and only humanity as I experiences it, lives in sickness and lives in egoistic greed and selfish desires and wants. More and more and not stopping.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I have eventually considered myself as sick from calculating everyone in the sickness and calculating everyone to be a apart of the enslavement design and to judge and lash out onto humanity and to lush and judge on to myself not getting any – where and not getting to any sort of point or common sense at all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that “fuck this shit” and “I give up” and “This task is too great for me”. Where I realize that I am projecting this backchat onto A,B,C,D and by doing so taking away my responsibility for the backchats and the thoughts and I further realize that I need to take responsibility for myself and for my action and to be responsible with myself at all times 100%.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself how I see that it is the programming and enslaving of humankind that leads to starvation, hunger, wars, poverty crime etc., and I realize that I am hereby taking responsibility by investigating a closer look at this word; sickness, and my relation to this word and to realize how everyone need to learn and to be informed that we have been enslaved and we are living with in this programming of a reality, through matrix for oh so long and we need to smell the coffee and change our way and our path.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to consider myself as no longer a part of this issue or this relation or being sick, within those enslavement part of the system because I know what we have to do, and I am more and more living the change that I need to be within this life. And I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to consider myself as awoken and myself when I am just a normal guy and I am simply doing what is commons sense and I am simply doing what everyone would have been doing inn my place – if awaken.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word sickness as the apart of human kind that will not look back at the suffering and the crime and the abuse that is going on within this world and I realize that this word now means something like ignorance or ignoring what is going on and that have been taking place with humanity, and on this earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to defy this word sickness because it would relate to world leaders and how they are corrupt and hushing things and suppressing things within the system and they are really the point and the outflow of sickness in suits and dresses – representing the sickness as they are.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think of myself as some kind of Jesus or some kind of savior to this world when I realize that I am not Jesus I am myself and I know what I need to do to “cure” this sickness and I know what I practically and physically must do and bring equality to life.

Like Bernard Poolman said about physical work and how we will not give up fighting for equality: ”Do easy work like it is hard, so will the hard work become easy.”

When and as I see myself wondering about this word sickness, I stop and I breathe. I realize that this word sickness is related to the ignorance of what is actually taking place within this world. I realize that this word sickness is to me related to people trying to quiet down or to hide and suppress. I realize that this word is very must related to the ignorance a suppressing from the old leaders of this world. I realize that this world sickness is related to all the ignorance and lying from people and especially people avoiding truth and honesty. I commit myself to expose the old leaders and to bring equality to all on this earth to eventually take apart in life equally like sister and brothers.






I commit myself to be voice again the sickness and to bring honesty and equality and oneness to life.

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Thank you.

Day 452 Who was Edward Bernays ?

Who was Edward Bernays ?

edward bernays

Edward Bernays was known for his role or working in USA with public relations. He found out that masses could be manipulated – and controlled. Sigmund Freud was his uncle. Edward Bernays would use the theories of people that had lived before him. Theories on crowd psychology and group mentality and combine them with the new psycho analysis by his uncle Sigmund Freud. He would combine the two and patch together a as close to perfect and possible plan or idea to control and manipulate the populations into consuming and into submission of the ruling elite.

He created a false need and a  artificial need to consume with his working and his theories of tools. Edward Bernays created a false need within the population of that you need something that was not there before.

To understand this is vital to understand how things function in this world today. How government function today and how we are literally brainwashed before we learn to walk or talk. We have propaganda and we have news telling us and TV screen telling us how to think and how to act and how to preformed in life. This have all been designed from the hands of for instance Edward Beranys.

So what is common sense here with this story ? Common sense here is to learn this stories and to educated oneself, with the educations that is possible. I would recommend for everyone to watch this BBC documentary on century of self. Here is a link to the documentary:

But why do we need to watch this ? Why do we need to reeducate?


The things that we learn in school is very much based on the theories of yesterday. What we learn in school is based on submission of the ruling elite and of simply keeping up this same system that we live in – today. So we need to re – educate ourself to be able to deal with the consequences and the issues that we are facing today. Which are immense. We need to and we must break ourselves free from this old system of greed and selfish desires and learn to stand on our own again.

It is vital that we learn to use the best tools available to break free from the system and then later propose alternatives to this current system. We need to change this system and it is important and inevitable that we do. So join us in deconstructing the old self and start to live life in honesty. Check out this process where you can learn to use the tools of self forgiveness and self corrections, some of the finest tool of psychology, for you, for free:

Further I would recommend to everyone to watch all these documentaries on D.A.W.N – site, here:

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Day 451 – Recovery model inn psychiatry & Living income guaranteed – a perfect match!

Please first watch this video on what the new recovery is all about.



Recovery model inn psychiatry & Living income guaranteed – a perfect match!


Recovery model in psychiatry is in fact one of the first steps to end psychiatry. Psychiatry as it is, have done enough harm and suffering as it is and it needs to change. Recovery will be a start of changing psychiatry from what it have been into something new and better for all. Recovery to be precise. This is the first step on totally taking away all psychiatry.

Recovery innovations and recovery treatment. Peer working. Working with ones experiences as former patient. The former patient that has survived psychiatry can work with their experience and help other patients that are new to experiencing trouble like psychosis or problems with drugs. Recovery is one of the steps of ending the drugs and in with diets and training! Recovery methods like physical training cognitive methods of training, and also healthy diet, and a stronger focus of finding work and studies to learn skills and to manage self.




In USA, Britain, Italia, and other western countries, in the world, recovery is gaining in on the old methods of only using drugs and chemical therapy and instead focus on diet, and a more healthy lifestyles and not so much spending time at hospitals for ages.

Within psychiatry it is known but rarely spoken that poverty is often a factor. If you are poor you are more likely to develop a psychiatric illness.  If you become ill you are more likely to be poor. The chances are greater to then become sick. 

The crisis of this world is total. Serving only so that a few elite that gains more wealth and more money to the 1%. The economy is going through a crisis constantly it seems. We need to share more. That is the bigger picture, we need to bring and living income to life and share more.

Psychologists that work in USA get more paid per hour if they prescribe medication to patience than what they get paid if they do not prescribe drugs. We need to change this. 18 patients die every day in USA from taking to many chemical as medication. The system is causing deaths, drugs and crimes of all sorts for all people involved, in psychiatry. And with recovery comes the beginning of the end of psychiatry.

If people in psychiatry where given a fair share of money like a living income guaranteed, they could live in dignity, and participate with cognitive training programs, study, grow insight on alternative healing methods like physical training or preparing food. Attend drug treatment. And learn skills, like knitting or painting, video editing, playing drums, writing and dancing. If people could be paid properly from a living income system, it would improve the life styles of millions of people that suffer from mental illness.


This has been tested. What happens when you give enough money to people that is homeless and that suffer from multiple troubles like drugs and poverty? The city of London did this test once on 15 homeless people. They were given money, without condition. The next year 11 out of these 15 had roof over their head and where studying and going to drug treatment.

This proves that people can change. A better life for all is possible.

This kind of experiment has been taking place in USA, Africa, and other places with positive results.


Healthy diets should be provided for everyone. A proper roof over one head, education, and health care. With a living income we will start a more transparent society and easier pick up abuse and violations will more easily be detected.


Very many people take more drugs than they need only because the doctor is promoting the drug name and label and not promoting health.






A living income solution would be what is best for all. A living income would be good for world economy since consumers would be able to buy more healthy food and, vegetables and other helpful products and it would make sure that huge groups of patients would be able to pay for it. That they would have enough money to pay for their diet, health care and education training equipment, drug rehab, and painting course or bicycle that they can by and not steal. Also physical training learning to live without drugs programs, programs that require clothes and shoes computers and more. Perhaps a basketball or a bike, instead of alcohol and hajjis. That is what we would like to se. That is what is best for all.

The ability to purchase knitting tolls or to learn baking, learn to write blogs or learn to work with painting or photography and all sorts of cognitive training arenas. But it requires money. Everyone must be granted a sum of money from start. The goal ahead of oneself to reach for and contribute to studies to finish school. To have a program to follow to become free from drugs and alcohol. 

So by letting recovery innovations come, with its bikes, and carrots, would be super. But remember we must be able to pay for it. A fair share is needed.  If everyone should be able to by healthy food, work out gear and perhaps to study that would require money.
So a living income is but a solution here and it is inevitable. And so is recovery!

Check out our living income site:

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