Day 872 – Equality


What does equality mean to me?

In all simplicity it means to be of the same. To be given the same. To be granted the same starting point in life from a system perspective. Equality is to me to become equal to / responsible for all what is in this life, on this earth – that I can ever see. To bring all and everything back at self to equalize through self forgiveness. To neutralize/equalize self to all things and end the projected mind state. Because whatever I REACT to about this life – be it anything, like news, an emotion, a trauma, a thought – anything – I then need to become equal to that and through self forgiveness stop all my reactions over the matter.

This is what was Jesus message on earth. That we are all one and equal. That God is only inside of us individually – and not a projected entity in the sky. Jesus was used and his story was altered so much that it could suit the people in power. The story of Jesus was so much altered that what is left of him is something he warned us to NOT create – a religion. How evident is that?

Jesus was the prophet for real equality. Equality was his message – though the script – the bible has hidden this in deceptive ways. So, what is equality? To me equality is best seen in the money system – where we today have the perfect inequality. The gap between the haves and the have nots has never been greater. Poverty is staggering and billions of people suffer under inequality – while some few have all the money.

To me equality is best seen in the money system – where obviously we need a new system and an 100% equal money system – for all – that will change everything and literally create heaven on earth.

Equality is to me a matter of realizing and understanding – because we have today drifted far from the message that we know is best for all. For me with schizophrenia equality is to be to equalize /become the same – to my mind and my internal systems. To end all my reactions and to end the bothering constant thinking. To bring stability to the math of me – to stabilize my mind, as my mind, being and body merges into one. So, oneness is also a key part in this with how to manifest equality of self and by that in the world at large. So, there are reasons why Jesus is still so popular yet few really understand his story at all. They make it about God and the light, which is a great deception in this. Jesus was about equality – that is the big key here. For us today to become equal to our own minds systems – to realize ourself as the creator of our desteni and to find the responsibility to walk self into the perfect oneness and equality as self – so that we can live together side by side as – equals.

Equals as one and the same. That we practically have the same value. Like with a money system of perfect equality.

The government and the united nations say we have equal rights -but is this really so? Is not poverty and all the abuse proving that this is not the reality and not lived on practical terms?  

What is equality for you?

Another cool blog about equality : HERE

#equalmoneysystem #equallife #onenessandequality

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