Day 860 – into myself

Intimacy – my desteni I process way of self discovery




For 30 some years I would seek “out there” – in the external for the clue, the big score, the healing, the dream to come true, the undefined goal.

I would soon enough tumble into drugs, alcohol and escapism – and the more far out ways of culture. It went on far, it went on so far that it almost took me down to my death completely.

But I am here today to share one of the most revealing discoveries that I have had – from walking my desteni I process. It is to start search within myself – for clues and discoveries – for solutions. Long enough had I been searching out there – and expecting & dreaming and at the same time escaping – my healing and myself – responsibility and purpose – I was neglecting my life.

It was when I would learn to see into me – intimacy – to direct my seeing into my being. That is where my discoveries are today, 8 years after – and still I am discovering – life and me.

It seam we are trolled to believe that luck, or healing or anything of support is to come only from the external – from some surfer in the clouds to save us. I had to learn to see into me. To face the darkness – to learn to not fear the darkness – because darkness is only ever parts of self that I have yet not discovered. To forgive the trolls into nutrition for my inner spire, my sprout, my beingness of existence. So, I welcome you – to look into self and be with that what you find, forgive and embrace self and learn what is resting within you: of life, of healing and purpose and discoveries beyond. It is time we get to learn to direct the focus into the self – the garden of eden – the flesh of man. That is where the healing, the realizations and life potential is resting.

Intimacy – into me I see

Heaven on earth is resting within the very physical of mankind

I want to say something more on the inner world – intimacy – of how the garden of eden, heaven on earth, is resting – situated within the very physicality (body) of mankind – within you & within me.

It means to give.

To give people space – within self so that both can blossom. I blossom from the space you give me – in your being – and you blossom because you see that you can give space and that you would also – be given space equally in another – me.

Space. what is space ? A sort of freedom, vacancy, a opportunity, a room, a undiscovered being.

If we give as we would like to receive – from self honesty – we open up self – as the heaven that we all carry within us – hidden and locked down in most of us.

But it is there as a space – to be shared – to be found – where two or more in my name (in a space) – that is where creation can take place. Create what ? …… heaven on earth – nothing less, I would say a living income guaranteed – money for all is the first important step for that.


Thank you for reading




1st photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

2nd Photo by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash

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