Day 858 – What is perfection?

What is perfection?

What do you think of when you speak the word perfection?

What is then imperfection?

What is a perfectionist?


I realize that I have walked “perfection” with my bread baking.

I enjoy myself greatly in the kitchen and I have been for a period of 3 years or so been working to make tasty sourdough bread. Now… I need to say that I did not walk this with the INTENT of making it perfect. I made the bread because I wanted to see if I could make good breads. Simple as that. Over the last 3 years I have been fine tuning it. Learning by doing. I have had lots of success with it and I have been able to see potential faults and I have been correcting myself before something goes haywire. I guess that right there is the story of my life. Taking on that cautious suit after having seen or experienced the downside or potential damage.


So, I posted a picture of my fresh loaf on facebook the other day and I realize that hey… I have walked this into perfection. I made the bread perfect and the perfect one is me. I will again go to great lengths to say to be aware of perfection and self and to know some sense of balance and living.


I was made aware of a series from Atlanteans on perfection from 423 til 433. There are some FINE interviews on eqafe – from the Atlantean series about the dimension on “perfection”. I strongly suggest to check them out.

There is lots to say about perfection, but what I find so far, is that there need to be assort of automation and drive to it and to not use it as a carrot on a stick – per say. But there is lots of dimensions to it so I suggest to check out the interviews from eqafe.


From me learning to tune it, studying, listening, giving it the needed work and time, this process have grown on me. It would not manifest without the discipline, ethics and perseverance that I have come to learn from walking my process with desteni

Now I will look at studying my process – my life hacks, of baking bread, to expand this math, and work  into other parts of living. Like to bring that math (!) into cleaning my bathroom, or dealing with words and issues that can be  seen a my weak points – things that I fear or don’t like lol… This will be fun !

again I am reminded by:

“do what is easy, like it is hard, so will what is hard in its turn, become easy”



I walked my sourdough making into perfection (unknowingly) and for that I am proud.






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