Day 849 – survival mind mode

“How to be in this world – but not of this world”


Looking at this statement and pondering what it means, and how to become clear about the meaning of these words. To be able to be in this world we all need money to survive. And living the life that I do this means that I don’t have to worry about my survival. I have a steady income and I have some consistent supportive routines around this point. But to be able to be, and live in this world everyone needs an income. But how to not be of this world – that is the hard part and I would like to break this down into the smallest denominators I can.


To not be of this world, could mean that I don’t take on all the shit that is here. I do not participate in the normal stuff : that is accounted as normal. Normal being worshiping a God, or getting drunk every weekend, to do weed, to use porn, to talk gossip, to blame others for my misfortune, to judge and to be a troll, to act out of fear, to be entertained by my mind.  To separate and to abuse. That which we know to be normal – and that is quite insane and horrible if we look at it.


So, I choose to be in this world, to give of my solutions like I do here with this blog, instead of drinking beer or watching porn, I do the dishes or write a blog or I read a book. I go through my mind in self forgiveness, again and again. Rinse and repeat like it is a martial art.


And I step out of the box, the white light energy grid, the unconscious that keep us down, into separation and abuse, I forgive myself in honesty until I can stand as a self-support as physical realness – with focus on my body; my body : my temple, my beingness my universal being. Where I can use my mind to test stuff out, to plan, prepare and to prevent.  To use my mind constructively – not as an excuse to gossip or blame or judge or suppress and escape. But rather to for-give.


I choose to stand as the living body and being, the living word outside the white light energy grid, because the white light energy  is part of what has been holding us down for so long – again, in separation and abuse. The real deal, the true salvation has been resting within, and is to be lived at the ultimate solution, from within to the without – creation of a real heaven for all – from within self – lived and expressed out to reality.


So, to be in this world – yes, I am living on planet earth and breathing and pulsing so, BUT I do not want to take part in the mind games, ego and abuse that has existed as our reality.

So still for may people it is clear that they live in survival, the billions that live life in poverty and misery. Or the billions of animals that suffer – for them it is still survival. And this weight of survival has been holding us all (!) down under the spell from mind consciousness – white light energy grid. So, we must let go of the program of survival – to be able to change our reality. We must be able to step out of our box to be able to see clear how we can be change.

I look at my own experience:

To be in the game of weed, to smoke weed, I knew only weed, and I only wanted to do weed. I was addicted to it. From understanding my systematic (!) addiction to weed, I was then able to end the addiction. In the game of survival, one knows only survival and will fight for it to the bitter end. One is then addicted to the survival programming – of ones own mind. Failing to see that both weed and survival (in different ways) are PROGRAMS of mind. To end the survival programing – one must understand the systems that drive it.


And it is up to us all to realize self, beyond our mind, beyond minds programs, to stay in physical awareness as the flesh, as the physical reality, the awareness of self, and be the living word of change.


So that I can show people that are living in mind systems, like survival, that such mind systems are keeping us all down in lesser then. To be occupied in mind games is a great poison of our world. Its time we start to realize that individually and collectively life the veil of the white grid, and unite, cooperate and live the best version of self.


The very most interesting part of this is to look at how for example I ended my weed addition from understanding the addiction from my mind systems (polarity, thought, imagination, believe etc) I was able to end my addiction to this weed mentality – from understanding it.

What are we possibly looking at if people can understand their survival mind programs that are keeping them at where they are, at survival – are ONLY  systems of their minds ?

What if people and all of life that live in survival mode – was to understand that the very most important key that keep them down in that state of survival – is because of a mind program?

What qualities might we start to see, if people, and all of life,  started changing from within this awareness ?

Investigate : desteni



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