Day 848 – true to self

I forgive myself as my Beingess, my Innocence, that I have not accepted or allowed myself to fully real eyes how self-honesty goes deeper into the physical, into matter, into essence of me, and I feel lost and disengaged and alone, where I need to apply the tools, of breathing, self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and slowing down in the moment, because it’s simply life process evolving and moving within and without of myself and as the deeper/new levels of self is uprooted, and I am watching the calculated consequences of abdicating responsibility of  life essence play itself out, in media, and in my day, I find that I must stay true to me, true to life, stay real with my applications and be the one pluss.

Here I forgive myself as my Being, my Innocence, that I have accepted and allowed myself for the negative chatter in the back of my head that is saying that “I am not worthy of standing”, “I am just a scrub”, I am simply a depressed schizophrenic”, “No need for me in this life” –  from today; knowing myself of being stable and integrity as being as life, where I feel like bending my knees down in submission to the mind chatter, to simply fall and surrender, where I take a inbreathe and I chose to stand, firmly, and stable and rather surrender myself to that of self-honesty.

I will forgive the negative chatter – when I see it – and strengthen myself with positive affirmations. There is a time for everything.

And I forgive myself as my Beingness, my Innocence, that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to fall, where I fear to not be able to see and notice the points that I need to properly forgive and released within, and I fear to fall on my own knees – to obey some lie – some mind chatter – of non-reality.

Within this I find it hot like a potato (?) the idea of me standing and for me to remain standing and not fall, because that is my continued proof of pudding – it’s my making and healing of me – from the desteni tools that are proving to work. And even if I should fall, I can again (I-gain) rise up and learn from that falling and stand more secure.

We are all individually a infinite deep well of truth. Writing and self forgiveness – as self discovery – is needed over all.


Investigate : desteni



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