Day 836 – re action

Ending the reaction to others reaction game

I forgive myself as my beingness, my innocence, that I have accepted and allowed myself for the moment I experience that is X going into a reaction and where X is totally unreasonable, I see within myself that my guts is turning and tightening, my energy start to rise and I end up going into reactions – directed at  X’s reactions.

Within this I forgive myself as my beingness, my innocence, that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame my parents for teaching me to react to reactions, to continue fuel onto the reaction game, where my parents are not to blame they only live what they were taught, so it’s up to me – who can see this pattern and to be aware to know this system of reaction within me, for me to end this passed down malfunction of mankind – where I can end it and solidify that understanding of me, to manifest that as a real lasting change of self, so that I can say that I ended that passing down of this sins of the fathers.

Within this I will notify myself – ring my own alarms – when I think or feel that “I need to react” – I commit myself to take a deep breath perhaps close my eyes, to sink into myself, forgive the energy that is within me, and perhaps move out of the scene or at least not react to whatever is going down. I commit myself to real-eyes, that if I go into reactions, I am fueling the aggression, the hate, the spite and the blame within a situation. Anger, hate, spite and blame is what makes up the math of a reaction. I commit myself to end my reaction games and to lower my shoulders, breathe and remove myself from such  situations, and make this into my practice and my standard – to learn some self integrity and to end the hate from within self.

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