Day 818 – powerlessness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into anger at life/everything/self and I do so because I fear to face my deep, deep down powerlessness and inferiority and feeling little and below, lost and scared, like a freak lost… and I don’t like to feel like a lost freak – so my mind uses different energy/moments and components to build up a anger/rage within me, to make my mind feel more alive and more vital, it gives my mind a boost but it makes me/myself within it  more scared and lonely than before because the anger outburst and the boosting of mind greatens/makes larger the divide/separation between my body, my being and my mind – making me and life suffer – for not really taking on looking at that dimension of powerlessness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to face my deep down powerlessness as I fear to not have anything there to do, where I fail to realize that I can’t do much about the power itself –  it’s the content – who I am within it – that matters.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself for not seeing before today, in clarity, in perspective, how I need to practice to not go into anger/reactions/blame but rather face my powerlessness/my depth my sorrow, head on, face it, forgive it and let it go – again – it’s who I am within facing my powerlessness that matters.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project out this idea/picture of me all confident and seemingly strong guy – where that is but a shell/cover/secret mind/projection – that I use to hide my insecurities and fears/lesser than/low, that boils underneath and makes me feel like a failure because my facade / my shell is cracking up and I am falling down, and hurting myself from my stand of being confident/almost cocky  – into a depth of hurt and lonely/powerless, because deep down we are all insecure and more or less lost and/or sick/deprived from our minds, programming and our culture/inherent.

Within this I will know myself (!) to balance myself to a common sense life/practice/application to not fall for the illusion of depression or… other typical stereotype emotional burden – rather take a deep breath, chin up, find solutions that really work – practice it again  –  learn it/understand it  – and not give up on self!




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