Day 791 – The personality game

What is the personality game ?

It is a game of learning self to know. To spot self as personalities and to notice the polarity within a personality.

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For instance….

I would have one personality with talking to my dad at home in the living room. In this situation I am playing a part in a known personality. There might be many, many points with this personality all based on how my relationship is with my father and how I experience such a communication, in mind, and being a physical.

This is a example of a first personality. Talking to dad in the living room.
Another example is the personality of talking to the cashier lady at the supermarket. Then in that situation I have another, different personality, than who I was talking to my dad. This personality would be based on my relationship to shopping perhaps, or that particular store, or according to other factors.

A third example is when I talk to a little girl in the kinder garden. Then I have yet another personality – that plays out according to my relation to the girl to where I am at in that moment etc.

From situation to situation I am not the same self ! …it is like I am not honest ! Can you see this ?

It would help to see the polarity within. Comparing self in the different environment could be assisting. Meaning the positive relations and the negative relations to the persona that is playing out. Meaning there are positive (feelings) that play out and there is also negative (emotions) also present. Here it is to be trained in being self honest. To call it for what it is. To say that this is such and such… to trust self to know what is positive polarity and what is negative. Remember to be honest – you are dealing with self. It is a deep going quest to learn about self. The ultimate ride… You learning to know you – through mind.

So we are seldom quite honest you could say, we are seldom the same, like one, or genuine, with how we live our lives. It is more like we live in a “prison/person/personality” – imprisoned in our mind by our own “sentences” and living. It is like we trick our self to live personalities that suit the mind. And most of the time not the physical or what is most practical or what is needed.

We all strive to be more honest, genuine and real. From the heart/physical you might say. So see for yourself if you can identify your personalities that play out during a day. See how many different you can spot within self. Write them out, it would help to forgive the energy addiction/polarity within, using self forgiveness. It is quite remarkable to be able to see ones personalities within oneness mind and to take charge of oneness living as such.

Enjoy learning about self and discover personalities of mind

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If you are curious about self-forgiveness – the best self help tool in town – please ask me !


Here is a awesome (!)  interview on polarity:



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