Day 785 – The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events




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Introducing paranormal series. The existence of quantum physical. Quantum physical is where: consciousness as energy and physicality as manifested solidity – meets and merges.


A relationship between physical solidity and quantum energy – create voices, the materialization of ghosts as well as physical reality.

This interview of the paranormal comes to question what our standing and existence as physicality within our awareness.

What is our living existence based on ? What is it we are NOT seeing ?


How is also imaginations also like ghosts ? Or thoughts ? Are they not paranormal ?

Be ready with this interview to dive into the matrix of self. To really see into what reality or normality that might exist. How there could be ghosts, poltergeist, demons or similar, to occupy a physical reality.

How do we exits in both quantum energy and also physicality ?

Going into this series you will get listen to debating some veeeery fine existential questions – and you will defiantly have some eye openers to what reality or existence really is about !


Enjoy !

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– I am living proof


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