Day 777 – Heart of Matter

Heart of Matter


a series by Jack

If you want more of Jack : you can check out some of his earlier productions on YT:

History of mankind, by desteni


What really matters !??

Here is the interview that I talk about :

In this very fine interview  (!) I learn from Jack, a inter-dimensional being: (I can tell you more of him if you ask me)  about how I/you can express self more honest, to take more part in life on this earth. For myself to dare to be more lighthearted,  to slow down and be more real (!) – and to really be responsible with my every breathe. That is right with my breathe – who I am as breathe is what is created. You might say “who I am as breathe” –  what sort of language is this ? It actually holds great potential and value. To understand breathe (!!!) which is worthy a life time study, we can look at religion, and the Bible. It tells us in the Bible that Jahve/Yahweh (or God) is the same as our breathe, breathing is equal to Jahve/God… meaning my breathe is equal to God. Now, if this brings up programming of religious believes and polarities, within you – please drop that. Forgive it within self. You see with breathe we are creators. We create and manifest our own reality, and I don’t think it is a good idea to call myself God – though I have creational abilities. In the series of this interview Jack further tells us about how we can create change with our self, right where we are. Right here  & now where we are at: we can create change. You know it and I know it. We can do that extra thing to make the situation and the world just a little bit better for our self and our neighbor.

This interview tells me that I have the possibility to be more responsible, daring, loving, lighthearted, and honest with my word/world, my life and my creation. I don’t want to abuse that awareness… do you ? So this is about documenting self further. To be that living change and to share how,  when and where you or me go through changes. To share with the world ones empowerment. To write, film and capture ones living changes – and share it with as many as possible. Please…. there is no need to criminalize or over – expose self. There are tools and ways to write, express, ones issues without doing “damage”. Your blog might be anonymous.

Point is to get the message out for people to be able to pick up how YOU change. Your insight and experience is worth something to other people. Lets expand and evolve ! We are one humanity – that right there is a awesome starting point !

(for a blog series etc)


We all can do THAT little thing more for a greater good  ! Agree ??


Thanks for reading, enjoy:



For more info on life challenges, solutions and issues:


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