Day 744 – The schizophrenic child


The schizophrenic child

How to assist the schizophrenic child ?

When I was  a young boy in pre – school 4-5-6 years old I started to build things on/inn my mind. I did so mostly unconsciously – that was in fact building itself. I soon started to have complicate, emotional and quite horrible imaginations, thoughts and psychosis – as  a child. Off-course there happened things that where nurturing this, giving it more fuel of energies and I see now that I was living then my schizophrenic programming.

This schizophrenic programming, was placed  in me when I was in my mother’s belly. That is where the creation of schizophrenia happened.

Important here to understand that I was born with it. I have been living with schizophrenia for 38 years now. I have worked my way  through it, not above it or below it or beside it… but through it. And I am still working on it.

Believe you me, I have faced some quite nasty demon shit within myself through the years. When I say “demon shit” I mean dark emotions stuff, that we are, from the sins of the fathers,  manipulated and convinced to suppress, deny and rather project, secretly think of,  and use in mind games, in suspiscions towards our fellow man – and not to talk about.

I have been working for 5 years straight, to deconstruct my schizophrenia and to remove the pain as of such from my body. To remove my voices, my hallucinations, imaginations, judgments, fears, depressions and the list goes on quite a long way. I have forgive it within myself. The tool of self forgiveness is the very finest of tools to use on self- don’t miss it.

So I have lived and deconstructed my schizophrenia what did I learn ? The definition of schizophrenia is to have two or three personalities present in my mind/head at once. There are two or three present in mind/head at once.  By design the personalities/polarities start to fight to conquer the other personality. This fight/war in the head is then the actual psychosis. This war and fighting is the very pain, voices (!), hallucination, conscious conspiracy thinking, possessions, mind games, blabbering speech,  chaotic and often addicted being of individual.

That is the definition of schizophrenia. That is the suffering and pain/war of schizophrenia.

I can tell you that I have gotten so far from working with self forgiveness – that I am able to delete my personalities in them selves ! – And just be physical !

Then what is the one point that I see could have helped me, when I was young, to  deal with my insides to dare to expose my rather horrible mind and my thoughts ? How could I have found trust and comfort to open up and work on my insides ? What could ever have helped my process of learning to deal with my schizophrenia – back in the days ?

There is lots of things. One thing that peaks out is to have that vocabulary to express my insides. To know what my mind is all  about. In  debt and certain understanding. We have that understanding now. We know what it is about. So a wider vocabulary. Also very important to understand mind already from pre-school. I am not joking.

Another thing is a supportive safe and trust worthy environment. To have trust, and to be able to be self honest in ones reflection to self and others. To have a variation of hobbies and interest physical activities, and healthy family bonds. Also to be with animals and to have the right nutrition and general support of the physical to.

These things I list here, these very few things is soooo easy to read and agree, but are they easy to live ? To practice ? If you are a parent to a schizophrenic child, please consider my advice. I would go so far as leaving you a warm welcome to contact me to write and communicate with me about your child.

To me my life would not have been the same if I were to learn and practice words, to have  rich vocabulary and safety and trust to express such, rather than having to deny it all the time and end up in the suspicious and corrupting of self: the projection, the thinking, the  backchats and mind games that are so easy to fall into from programming.

My mission here is to be able to bring some assistance from my clarity and insight into schizophrenia as myself – to the parent as well as the schizophrenic, child, youth or adult.

I sure hope that there is something here for you to pick up on. Don’t be a stranger.

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