Day 742 – Living the word organized


From having lived for about 3 decades very un – organized, in system uproar and sabotage, I realize with assistance from and from walking my desteni i process, that this word < organized > holds great potential to me.

From changing oneself from “reverse” of life… into “drive” of life –  one have to bring with the whole words/world’s that makes one…. up for recovery and change.

Why, or how is it  that this word holds potential to me ? Well since my life was very chaotic and disturbed with addictions and all sorts of mind concepts and conscious complications, I was living very much in opposition to this word organized. unconsciously I would despite this word, and down grade it, or more precisely down grade myself from looking at it. You see, words are almost like life, or at least they are very connected !  And I have gone through some huge changes that last 5 years of my life. I now appreciate being organized and I find the process of organizing, my life, to be quite fun, enjoyable, and supportive.

I have also defined this word to myself. So that it suits me. I can recommend working on words and to define them too suit your being. Play with words, express, live words, and redefine words. Check out SOUL

This is how I have redefined organized: to have such a arrangement of details so that all involved parts are comfortable.

Thanks for reading


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