Day 739 – Taking my medications, sir; yes sir



To treat schizophrenia there is not many known treatments that work. If one has schizophrenia one most likely carry it with through oneness life on earth – at least as a blueprint. I have had lots of troubles with accepting medications. Countless arguments and fights  with parents and nurses, on whether, I was to take my medications or not. For a long time I thought I could use weed and hajjis to cure myself. I also used alcohol to medicate myself.


Now there is lots of  other treatments and services out there. Holographic Kinetics, self forgiveness, self corrections, self honesty, blogging, communicating, write, workout/gym, healthy diet, daily walks, different activities,  – there is lots. I use in particular self forgiveness and I experience that it has a very good effect on me. I also am very aware of what I eat, and I try to block out things I know that my body does not like.

The pharmacy industry is a big and corrupt business, yes no doubt. But it is still just a reflection of humankind  and our mind and how we treat one another. The outplay of corruption and lies from pharmacy industry is just a reflection of how we humans treat each other. How we live in backchats, and blame, anger, fear, believes, personalities, guilt and separation, (etc)… tell little white lies to each other, and manipulate in our heads/mind.

I have schizophrenia, so for me since we still have all the abuse going on in this world, so within so without, I still take my medications. And I use other therapies as supplement. Such as self forgiveness, it is cool.

So I cooperate with my doctor and take my medications. I am tired of fighting my parents and tired of sabotaging the system.


So many millions of people have a emotional/troublesome relationship with taking medications, and it causes a lot of pain and damage/death, to not have a stable and solid, rooted relationship with taking oneness drugs. All the bashing and blaming of drug industry is causing lots of damage, pain and endless rivers of tears. Know thy self.


One more time: Yes pharmacy is a huge & corrupt sack of lies. But it is what we have, and to a small degree it works.  But also to consider that big – pharmacy  is just a reflection of humankind and our mind games/psychology. It is what it is, and it could have been much worse. So a note here to all the people being activist and bashing out on medications; change starts with self. If you want change – start self forgiveness with yourself. Because we all have a mind consciousness system, equally, and we all are equally responsible for all the atrocities and abuse that is taking place on earth. all of it.

Try a course of self forgiveness for real change of self.

Check out the links and my talk on this topic below (soundcloud):





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2 thoughts on “Day 739 – Taking my medications, sir; yes sir”

  1. Thanks: @The border between – breaking down the conscious status Q is important to me. let’s me see into the alternative/unknown… it is a process to be walked anyhow – cheers !

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