Day 733 – How helped me solve my anger issue

How helped me solve my anger issue

I was going through a anger issue the other day – and it was not a cool experience.  I was stuck in anger and spinning around in my own shit. I could not figure out how to solve the anger. Where did it come from ? What was the real reason behind it ? No one likes angry people. No one likes it when people get angry. The whole situation is like possessed and uncomfortable.


So how did I solve it ? I went to – because I know that eqafe has lots of help for psychological, existential and dimensional issues.



So I found the search engine and I typed in “anger” and wisp, I had  57 different interviews about anger. Some about the nature of anger, some about being in love with the anger, some on why anger exist. It was covered from all angels – like only the portal knows how to do.

So the interview helped me look behind the issues, it helped me to understand the nature and the design of the anger and then to clear out the anger once I knew how – using self forgiveness.



So if you are going through something in your world/mind – please use to help self out.

If you have questions there is usually live support on the page also.


enjoy breathe!


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