Day 732 – against

Living words : against



Current allocation:

I was made aware of how important it is to also live the more common, usual words. This blog from Matti Freeman.  Words that describes ones weaknesses and strength, in everyday life, in self honesty. So I decided or more or less fell on this word:  against. To me against have been typically a wall. A stop. Or a rule like or a authority telling me something that I am rebelling against. Against; is to me that physical stop and till here no further physical wall. Against is like a point of friction. I will live this word for a few days to see how it suits me and how I can redefine it. I would also picture a violent scene of someone being ordered; “up against the wall” – from my fear/rebeling against autorities.

From the dictionary: opposition to.

  1. 2. in anticipation of and preparation for (a problem or difficulty).

From etymology:

early 12c., agenes “in opposition to,” a southern variant of agen “again” (see again), with adverbial genitive. The parasitic -t turned up mid-14c. and was standard by early 16c., perhaps from influence of superlatives.

Sounding of word:

a giant ice tea

again + sergeant



anger – st

anchor st


positive: it would seem to me like this word holds much principles and moral. I would think one can build character with being against violence, being against alcohol and so on, but it is also a point of moral and separation or even diversity.

negative: it is like one is opposing the establishment. one is fighting the existing rule. one is against something within oneself thought, backchats or authority program one is against something and that is a point of separation or denial.

Creative writing: it holds that force of being against something very physically like it is forcing something like a birth or a push. it is almost like violence to see or abuse/separation a violent or brutal force.

Self forgiveness:

I have walked spoken self forgiveness on this point on how I experience this word. Which was essential to see with clarity my self within it.

New definition:

against  : prevention is the best cure. against is to restrict or to use a specific force to prevent something.


For more living words see: forum


enjoy breathe !


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