Day 731 – thoughts, words and deeds

some guidance of voices/thoughts/backchats/words here today:

I have lived with voices/backchats for along time. It have been hell for may years. Today I am marginalizing my schizophrenia and my pre-programing, everyday with the tools that we share at

And TIME HAS COME to get real, responsible and to become self honest

andre bjerke amor fati tormod hvidsten gjedrem.PNG

“all thought is paranoia” – Bernard Poolman

I would like to look at a certain dimension, and perhaps a few different ones also. Let’s start with the scary bad/evil voices, backchats and thoughts:  And what they mean. We all have such bad nasty, backchats and they have consequences to us all. But they are in the head/mind. What do they mean ? What does it mean practically to have evil/nasty voices ?

If you have voices or tiny tiny voices/backchats in your head telling you to kill, or murder or to commit suicide. Do you know what it indicates?  We have all experienced this…

– you don’t have to be schizophrenic to hear voices

Voices or thoughts/backchats about ending a life, are indicating that you have to: change.  It means that you cannot live (this particular pattern)  no longer. It means that living a certain way, within your life, and existence that is not best for all. You hear the voices, backchats saying these words: because you need to change from a certain pattern in your life. Can you grasp this ? It is telling you to quit living a particular way.

Also one more dimension I would like to expose is thoughts, voices and backchat about sex. If you have thoughts, voices and backchat about sex, than that means that you have to look at your: self expression and/or your self – intimacy.

These two points/thoughts/voices/words peak out in humans existence. These two points are prominent and they might be alarming. But now you know (!) what they mean. So how to change ? Investigate the best place/platform to change:

check out our : principles

let’s walk !


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