Day 722 – Schizophrenic shepherd

Schizophrenic shepherd

In Norway, most sheep, together with lamb, are sent into the mountain for grassing all summer. Then we have to walk great distances every fall to get them down from mountain to farms and housing/slaughter for winter.


I spent the weekend from 17 / 18 September 2016 with collecting sheep from the mountains.  The trip is a part of what comes with living in this camphill village where I am at.  The trip was two days, with sleep in a cabin,  walking in nature and with lovely weather.  At first I was nervous and not ready to do the walk/trip – and did not feel like attending. Then I thought it over and decided to go. We drove early Saturday morning 06:00 and arrived for breakfast on the same morning at the cabin. We started walking about 09:00 and we walked till 16:00 that day.


I was walking and shepherding, with my friend Ilja and we early found sheep on Saturday. I would be communicating lots with the sheep and I feel certain it was important to do so. If you are able to communicate with out to much “mind blabbering” it is a key to do so in any relation.  I also got to walk some important mind points with myself and my past when I was there. Now, night of Sunday we have most all our sheep down from the mountain. Only 4 lamb of total 100 lams are now missing.

All in all it was a great walk and  lots of sweat and soar legs from two days of mountain walking, with farmers and sheep in nice weather, Indian summer of Norway.


Check out the pictures: enjoy your breathe:


World view: Sunday 18.09.2016



our cabin “Fjellro” where 10 people was sleeping (one night)


jump for joy



Ilja power-napping


world/word view


Two waters in Sauda



Why we where walking for 2 days

dragon fly.jpg

Dragon fly in grass

Thank you Slettedalen / Sauda / Earth




2 thoughts on “Day 722 – Schizophrenic shepherd”

  1. Really cool that you share this Tormod, had no idea about how it works for the sheep, it’s not only a great set of environment there but also of supportive work you’re doing for yourself and other beings there, great!

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