Day 720 – living change / living words


Living words from day to day is a cool concept. Imagine this:

I have worked with self forgiveness for almost 5 years. Within those 5 years I have deleted and removed many, many layers and dimensions of energies within myself of compressed/suppressed  emotions and bothers that have been stored in my body, like what I call:  like “tripping wires” and “land mines” within myself. One more time:


For more than 30 years I have been living with emotions and bothers… I have suppressed  tons of emotions and “bad” experiences. Trauma, bullying, sexuality – you name it ! It is like I have been my own worst judge – for all that time. I have judged myself worse than anyone else have judged me. Ok: for almost 5 years I have worked on deleting personalities, energies, emotions, judgments and be- lie – ves within myself, from my physicality, exposing it : taking it out and forgiving it – deleting it.

Within this process I have been living over and over again different traumas and events/memories that have been bothersome to me. I mean: the memory in itself does not go away. It remains. It is the pain and the bother the judgment: the psychology/energies, I take away from my very physical.


The memory is still there. So how do I deal with not continuing tripping over the same patterns again and again ? I live words. Because I see that the energies are no longer there, though the scar / pure memory is, and so I can over write that scar with a living word. I don’t need to feel bad for 1001 things from my past so why should I ?


I don’t need or want to judge myself any further for old bothers.. so why should I ?

– and I don’t – no more because I have forgiven it in detail and now live words. It is a brilliant recipe if you can grasp it.

I plaster over it, after having forgiven all the energies and all the friction/pain, I invite myself to start living words. I check myself my insides, I find myself standing and as support to myself and from there I start to live words. I take on words that are of support to me and I live them. Remember; I used to also live words before, though that was  emotional “bad” words… from memories/judgments. So today I have cleared out all personalities and energies with self forgiveness, and what now remain is to live words of support. Like : “fulfillment” or “creative”, “stabile” and so on. There is lots of words that are of support – if we are able to make our self ready for those words. To forgive and redesign from all our past. That is what I am currently doing, forgiving, seeing, redesigning and living a better / improved version of myself. Re – creating myself. Words become like dope to me. I am not joking. Words become some of my life essence. I welcome you to investigate the same : to find standing and support, forgiveness of yourself. To recreate this world and to make it into a place that is best for all. Change starts with self : are you ready for change ? Don’t you think our children deserve a better world ?

Check out the links  & enjoy breathe !

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