Day 716 – hired to talk

elg there


Doing arranged talks is something I do more and more. I enjoy talking to crowds and I have lots on my heart.

Thursday 25th of august I was booked to talk at a senter, here in south Norway, for youth who had drug addiction issues. I was to tak about my experience and addictions in general.  I came that morning half a hour to early to be cool with time. I would shake hands with the different people. There was 7 youth and 2 sosial workers there. A rather relaxed crowd you might say. I was a bit scared and I did sense nervosity and some angst within but i kept breathing and grounding myself. I had prepared myself with a note to look at for topics and clues during my talk.

Before I started talking I was sharing my buisness cards with my audiance. I know from my own experience how good it is to have a «close» contant with people I find inspiering.

Here is what I talked about:

My upbringing and about my school life. My life as a teen and growing up into sabotage of life and later into drugg issues.

What is a emotion ? What is the difference between emotions and feelings ? How do we exprience emotions ?

What is polarity ?  How does polarity work ? How is emotions left as cinder in the dark ?

Does it help to surpress it ? How can we deal with our emotions ?

How is often emotions key to understand oneness adiction ?

I spoke of how belonging is the oposite of addiction, how and where to find belonging.

I spoke about not fearing to go own ways and to dare to live and change «path» – dare to take risk in life. I said that perhaps in 2 or 3 years they might be standing here like me and talking to crowds.


I spoke about embracing self and forgivng self. How to accept self and not take things personal.

I spoke about a mind construct of «weed addiction» and what words that build up this construct.

How to live the word «high» without taking a joint…

How to live the word «stone» without taking a joint…

How it is important to write  out oneself. How writing was my tool of rescue, speicficaly with self forgiveness. I talked about how workout is also important.

I spoke about how the world within is a  projection of the world without.

I spoke about two triangles. One with thoughts, feelings and emotions, and one that is mind, beeing and body.


I spoke about bringing onself back to self and accepting self and forgiving the past.

I spoke about how important it is to have a stabile breath awareness.


I spoke for one full hour and I will rescive a pay. It was a  very cool experience and I woud very much like to do it again.

I connected with one of the people there and we share some notes and words. It was a very nice experience over all.

Here is a relevant article about addictions


Thanks for reading – enjoy breathe


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