Day 715 – Beingness

Before and after beingness signature drawing and reading

For some 4 years I have been walking a process of walking Desteni I Process. DIP. Walking with self forgiveness, self correcting, changing myself : walking out my old self. Creating myself to something that this world needs, responsibility and common sense, hacking into myself and my life and my mind and tuning it into what is best for all. Walking from consciousness into awareness. Having daily goals and middle term goals and long term goals. Having a purpose.  Within this process I have been discovering more and more my true self. The depth  of myself. Who I am intimately.

So… lets look at what is a beingness ?


This was me talking about what is my beingness

(this video is not the product from eqafe)

So … my new process started by discovering this product and to listen to it…

It was not difficult : I had to order it from : download it and listen to it.

If you are interested in knowing your intimate/universal story of existence from eqafe check out: sound symbol & beingness signature drawing series

This interview is one of a kind and gives a flat honest “view” and information about where my beingness origins from. I particular was happy about it, because it told me lots about myself that I had not seen unless It was told to me by the interdimensional portal/ eqafe.

I was also told what words to live. If you are interested in living words:  Check out: SOUL


So now I know, from where I origin, from this universe and who I am as a being. This comes very accurate time for me, since I have discovered the genuine coolness of living: words


So… whatever walk of life you are from, please investigate eqafe

This is the drawing that was sent to me, symbolizing who I am as a being. I was also sendt a reading/sound file of this drawing that told me some great information about my beingnees origin and existence. The sound file, was a interview done by the portal that then  told me some information about myself. It was a recording from my: beingness, body and mind talking to : me. Can you imagine ?? Your mind, body and beingness talking direct to you from a sound file…? How awesome is that ?

That was my recording that I now have to listen to. Very self intimate you might say!



Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem Beigness Signature Drawing.jpg

So this is a one of a kind drawing of me who I am as a beingness…

you can get yours to…


The words that was suggested for me to live that also explains a lot of this drawing was :

colourful, symmetric, organized and structured <— I am diving inn…

words are dope !


thanks !




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