Day 693 – Black & White

Black & White



Black and white. Good and bad, right and wrong, red and blue… dividing us, separating us with lies… (be – lie – ves) from programming.

There is very many subliminal and direct messages served to us on a daily basis. The shifting between black and white and chessboard design where patterns and trickery that we see, playing on our programming, especially on the (TV) screen is massive.

We are tough to be-lie-ve that light (white) is something to cherish and to follow. We are singing songs about to follow the light.

We are programmed (!!) in school and by parents to believe in the light. To favor the white light. We are told stories about God/Jesus/ etc and The Devil/bad and so on. We are thought that white light is good and darkness is bad and evil. We are tough to suppress and hide/deny darkness, and to cherish and praise the light.


From mainstream media we can see how news from Afghanistan, Kenya, Sudan, Nepal etc…. are not equally important to us… or that is how we are raised to be-lie-ve. This turns into the egoism of racism.

There is very, very much deceive with the white light. Consciousness is white light energy that wants to live eternally. We force yourself to live by the light and we are thought by school and system to serve consciousness and to serve the old systems of abuse. The old lies from yesterday.


We are told to praise and follow the light, a light who makes us blind and then we are robbed and murdered because we are walking blind. Blinded by light, robbed and killed by greed and egoism again: because we are weakened and blind.

I suggest this is something to investigate for everyone.

Do you want to live and slave by consciousness (thoughts, reactions, personalities, imaginations, backchats, fears) or not ? Do you know what consciousness is ? Do you know what it does? Do you have consciousness defined to yourself ? I suggest to have  a clear understanding of what consciousness is… and how you have been living it.

One thing is certain:

If you are to work on psychology on self and to walk off some data and mind, unschooling of self and face some internal demons, you most likely have to work through some darkness. You will find yourself as you have to embrace that darkness within and forgive it and live the change.

When it comes down to it, light is just light and darkness is just darkness. No need to complicate it. But truth is that we are complicated it is a difficult puzzle – but anyone can walk it. And sooner or later we all must walk it and become free of all our programming.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to treat something different or to act different if i see or experience black or white and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach positivity to light and negativity to darkness and to separate the two, from my be – lie – ves that I as they must be in separation as of thoughts and “how it is suppose to be”.



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