Day 690 – My new life at Hogganvik Camphill


The fjord and our village


I am moving to a camphill village.  With living in Norway I am cared for as of most living cost. I receive money to live a decent life. No luxury; but a  life without too much hardship or lack. If I manage to not drink & smoke  I save a lot more and can spend that extra money on a car or on a holyday. This is Norwegian health care, providing for me as of today with my schizophrenia. That might not be everyone’s view since we are not trained how to spend our money.


1st of July 2016, I moved to the Hogganvik camphill in Vindafjord in the south – vest of Norway. I had been a visitor of this camphill for many years. Visiting and gradually maturing with the idea of moving here. Now this summer the time had come and I quit my rent and my other commitments in Bjerkreim. It is a process to move with all the data that have to be done. I will move my furniture later on and  gradually move up my stuff this summer.


hogganvik camphill.jpg

A view – coming up from the fjord


My day looks like this:

At 07:30 there is breakfast. Right before breakfast I take cod liver oils and magnesium and I eat on my way to the breakfast some green leavs from the green house. I have blood type A so I need lots of fresh herbs and greens. Wild burning nettle is also something I eat everyday during summer. I actually chew lots of burning nettle all day lol


Everything we consume here in the village is ecological as long as it goes/practical. Breakfast is : homemade musli, with homemade yoghurt from own fresh milk. We have 6 cows giving milk right now, we keep all the milk to yourself. Also there is cofe/tee and fresh milk.


At 08:30 we have morning meeting. We stand in a circle about 20 of us, and we talk about our day and direct chores and work. Perhaps we sing a song. That is always nice and connecting.



Part of dining table and the spacious living room in; Anne Hansen House


At 08:45 work starts. My work these days is to walk with the cows to their designated field to grass. This is after we have milked them around 06:00. It is enjoyable to walk with the cows. They are awesome creatures.


I walk the cows and I return from the 1 kilometer walk, to the barn and to further chores. Perhaps it is cutting weeds, or feed the pigs, or feed the goats or fed the calves. Or shovel shit from cows that have given us milk. Washing of equipment and so on.

At 10:30 there is lunch break. I have then with me tea and a piece of bread with homemade cheese. Also a banana or a apple and a bottle of water. We sit under this break and talk in groups about our work and in general about life.


Then back to work with farm stuff. Perhaps moving some calves or harvesting berries for jelly or other things. My work these days ends at 12:45. Then it is dinner. I shower and go to the house where I eat. I eat my dinner and we do dishes together – all of us that practically can, and it is a joyful team spirit.


There are 5 big houses with small apartments/rooms. Most of us share our bathrooms. There are 2 other buildings, like a office and a retirement home, and a barn. There are 12 of us here living with needs – or that receive welfare from the government. We are about 20 – 25 in total in the village that are here on a daily basis. Not all people live in the village that work in the village.


The house I live in is called “Arne Garborg House” he was a writer living in this area some 100 years ago.  All housed have names after people with merits in their life, like poets, painters and so on.

I am at the moment alone in this house. There is other people coming soon to move in with me, but for now I there for eat in a other house to be together during meals.

My apartment here in Arne Garborg house is not yet done, it is in process of being renewed. Like from carpeting and painting. That is supposed to be done by this fall.

So from dinner at 13:00 I have then been working most of the morning and the it is time for computer, writing, cleaning up or doing other stuff like reeducating myself through youtube/internet.

Life here is much more full. I joke and laugh about most things together with the others. I tend to do songs with a sort of… to sweet voice and use of words. Like I would sing out (inn a boy band manner):

“Now that I am free and standing in the waters, the look of your eyes makes me want to hold you in my arms…”

– kind of songs… So we laugh a lot – and we can laugh some more.

Of course there are things not that fun and perhaps of a more serious manner. If people become angry of sad and so on. Dialogue solves most of it.


There is a last house here not yet described yet. It is called “Iduna”. Iduna is like the cultural center of our camp. There we can have mess (with priest) or we have painting session, or music. There is a own band here who performs when time comes for that.  Iduna is a place where we do morning meeting it is too much rain outside. It is always voluntary to participate in the religious meetings.



Kitchen at Anne Hansen House


We have a lot of other routines here. Like with washing of houses or milking of cows or making cheese, feeding the chicken or feeding the cats and so  on.


And did I mention we are close to the ocean with a fjord here, so there is often fish for dinner !

Life here is good. So far after 12 / 13 days it have been  a huge success, and it makes me aware of possibilities for other people, now that I see and learn that camphill (Norway) is more active taking in people from psychiatry and not just autism. There is so much more to write. If you are wondering about camphill find out if there is one near you. Give them a call & a visit. That is how it started for me, and so far it have been a  huge success.



The pig “Trygve “and a friend


The two other blogs I have written a bout this place:


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More pictures:



Thank you !


9 thoughts on “Day 690 – My new life at Hogganvik Camphill”

    1. Thanks Christine :So far it is very good. And doors are opening up for me. Another thing that i realize is that there is solutions to all our challenges. There is not that thing that can not be fixed. Hugs to you !!

    1. lol… cool christine. There is quite a story about this Anne Hansen and this farm. She was the last owner before she gave (or sold it?) it to the camphill trust. She helped lots to the making of this cool place.

  1. Cool Tormod, Thanks for Sharing, I can relate to the Cod Liver Oil, being that growing up every morning my mom would make us take this along with Father John. Cool Blog.

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