Day 685 – Lighthearted


I have this here word that I am living. It is the word “lighthearted”. I know, I know it might sound silly to even imagine such a  word in the world situation we are inn. But for that very reason of what we are inn, it holds great importance to live, and learn and redefy this word/world. First I thought that this word has nothing to tell me. It is a silly non intellectual word that suits “Forest Gump” and not me. I am to important to even say this word. Such ideas I had at first.  Later I realized that I tend to burry underneath all my emotions and my bothers. I could need to live such a word. So my buddy challenged me on it. She told me to live this word and see what would ever come out of it.


This was some 3- or 4 week ago, and I am still living this word. It holds great findings and potential for me to live and expand further. The way I live words, is like, I picture the written word, in big bold black letters. I try to let the letters be as free and expressive as possible. So I see these letters forming this word : LIGHTHEARTED. And I play with it. I let the letters and the word in total “talk” to me  and I look at the word from multiple different angels. So I examine and develop within this word/world.


I was hiking today, out in the wild nature. And I was walking with some children who I am related to,  I would think to myself, how can I try to express more deeply to these kids , what I goes on  my inside,  that children have a hard time, and that I inn general think that us adults are not doing all we can for the children. Such thought’s you know to say in a  expressive way to the children how I experienced this notion. So I decided to just be a cartoon actor. Saying: balilalababab bba booofff tip tjohei bim bom bom. And that is what I did. I went over to them, twice saying just jibidish.. non sense. Like a cartoon actor. Nothing particular happened. I just did that and there was hardly any reactions from the children. They seemed totally relaxed with me saying jibbedish….I chose to take that as a sane and healthy sign lol.


Here is something like what I said to them to “break the ice” :  VIDEO

Nothing special about this except that I did it. In self honesty I came through and said this. And I think it was a common sensical land mark to me. To dare to be self – and to dare to be clown.


So lighthearted tough me to stop taking everything so god damn serious. There is bad stuff happening all the time. I have to forgive my  energetic connection if so and let it go. I have to change, and to live words. Living this word “Lighthearted” hold great opportunities for me to change.

So before this word lighthearted would mean “light” and rather “not smart” and “not up to date”. Now after having walked it for some weeks it is more likely honest, sincere, true, reliant. And the coolest thing is that the word does not change… it is me who change… big bonus lol.


If you would like to know how to live words, check out SOUL, School of ultimate living –>

Let’s change the word/world


Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem (5)




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