Day 681 -Psychiatry in Angola



I surround myself with people who want create something good for psychiatry.  To completely change psychiatry as how we know it. This is my, and I know many of my friends – common goal. At the heart of the matter: it is about showing people what cool solutions that already exist.

How should I go about to create this change ? What should I be creating, what should I use of tools and material ? I know what type of psychiatry I would like to see, but I feel like I am running empty of ideas to get there, to see reality as changed…

I know what type of psychiatry I would like to see… if I say “Soteria House Model” or “Extended Therapy Room” … I would like to imagine that you knew what I am talking about (if not: please click on links) So how to liberate the minds of the people to see these solutions ? To see for them self how cool and supportive these solution really are … ? I could post thousands of post with these (and other) links on facebook… but that would bother people and make me look silly. How do I prove what support lies in Soteria House Model…? How to open the minds of people to see it ?

A great big deal of what we see of mental suffering, trauma, crime and addictions, or energy possessions…. (…..) would simply not be here under different circumstance of money, finances and … yes currency.

My currency is like my blood and my waters inside of myself. If one part of my body is not provided with the needed “care” from my blood cells, flowing through it,  than that part of my body would suffer and hurt or get sick. It is like that with the money system.  But the system (mind consciousness system) is more rigged than so.

You know we have govern-ments -(minds), to limit us and to control us, to drive us to war etc…. If you let them. Here it is all about knowing and being responsible for our mind. Knowing it and forgiving it…. it is all a process…

It is like that with the world economy. At the heart of matter, we are the world with and as our self. We are carrying equally lots of waters in our bodies, as this planet we have lots in common with mother earth. We are all designed and formed by and of this planet. If my arm is not having plentiful of blood flowing through it, it would hurt, and perhaps it would become sick.  Like with…. Angola, who is rich with oil, but is run by dictators and fascist, who keep the people searching for food in the garbage and in the trash… now this awareness and these pictures of poor people searching for scraps in the trash… is NOT uncommon in this world. Because of how the fluids/currency have been flowing, in this earth / body,  giving us cancer and sickness, and psychosis within and inequality, pollution, war etc….without.


So we have lots of mental suffering. Pictures of people searching for food in the garbage (…) dumps, is enough to make anyone react.. and over time go into possession, sickness of mind… you see the inequality of this world is creating reactions, friction, war, pain etc.. within the human being.  This shit is real.

A clue here is to not go into blaming and making “enemy constructs” or “hating the rich”, because if I project anger at someone I give them power over me, simple as that. People are waking up, learning mind, forgiving mind (past & memories) and taking responsibility for self and creation. People are seeing with real-eyes the heart of the matter, and what potential we have. That; I like you are the keys to success and to a good life for all. Also for people in Angola.



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I am trying to have people see what true potential they can be. We are really unlimited as beings. No shit. All the solutions are here. All of them, it is all here…

So how do I go about to change psychiatry ?

By talking about it, writing and vloging about it, and proving by my example how I have changed, without it. Heart of the matter is, that this is the year of creation. Lets share what we know is good, and that we know works.


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