Day 680 – coop in psychiatry


cooperative in mental health





Mental health services in the western world, is mostly run by government and public spending. Some few are private. What triggers this idea of mine/mind to have a cooperative of mental health is the more and more psychiatry – survivors that are out there that have lots of valuable experience with psychiatry and drugs, psychology, emotions, recovery, self investigation, metaphysics, addictions, hospital and…. life.


People who have been in psychiatry for many years. Girls and boys who know what psychiatry and mental suffering/psychosis is all about. People who know them self, that have capacity, capacity to help others after recovering; self first. People who know what has a effect. People who know what and how to heal.


People with experience. I would like to start a cooperative and a unit of people within a coop and a unit, a company that is owned by the workers/survivors.  A service based on communication, learning writing, self communication, self forgiveness and all good (!!) and non abusive therapy methods like music, painting, swimming, climbing, knitting and all sorts of expressions.

This coop would offer the best treatment that us imaginable to its users. I am talking about all the progressive and over all good (!!) and supportive treatments, like open dialogue by dr: Seikkula, The Extented Therapy Room Foundation‘s methode and  approach from, Soteria – house thinking,  nutrition, exercise, arts, theatre, and all sorts of supportive  treatments of self therapy and self healing. Hearing voices circles and the 12 step program from the addiction anonymous movement. I am talking writing therapy, and team work. We humans can be our own worst judge and bullies –  we can then be our own best helper and friend.

I would like to start this coop and training and working ground. It may at a early stage be international and crossing borders. It may very well include both survivors and peers, scholars, addicted and others. To change psychiatry into something that supports life and creativity instead of drugging it down. To leave the old behind and go full for a new and supportive and healing psychiatry that suits the one.

Based on the very fundaments of nature; oneness and equality, and of what is best for all. If you would like to contribute to this creation of a new care and therapy system, I suggest you drop me a line: my email is:


Let me hear from you






2 thoughts on “Day 680 – coop in psychiatry”

  1. Thanks Tormod! I also agree that common sense and working together as points of sharing and responsibility is the solution to any and all psychiatric problems within our world.

    1. thanks alot william: cooperation and working together.. for all to see the solutions at heart of matter…

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