Day 679 -14 days of testing Camphill living

14 days of testing Camphill living

– the decision to be made


The last 2 weeks I have spent living side by side with brothers and sisters, in a Camphill village in south Norway. It has been a very fun and interesting and most a physical experience. I have  been milking cows, carrying water, shoveling and carrying away cow and sheep shit, weeding,  making cheese,  piling woods, preparing food, caring for self-physical, swimming in the cold fjord, eating wild stinging nettle,  and dandelion straight from the ground. I have been caring for my sisters and brother s inn this village, serving tea/coffee and food,  the enjoyment of being together like  a family and helping with more practical things like sun lotion on skin and doing dishes and washing the indoors. Adjusting hearing aids, discussing world politics, listening to the village band playing music, and reading books.



In between I have had some time to computer, to read mails and to follow discussion and watch some news and some videos on you-tube.  Also just lying on my bed after a long day or work, with a good book and Per Gynt by Grieg on play.


A typical day I wake at 05:50 and get into my farm clothes. I walk out to get the cows, 6 cows, in from their night out at the green field. We take them inn to the barn and greet each other in the new day at mother: here earth.  After milking cows, which is a delicate process, we let the cows back out on the field. When working with animals I decided to make it on their premised as much as possible. I work with animals I let them decide as much as possible from cognizance/mind/communication. I focus on having an agreement with the animals so that abuse does not occur. This work design was paying off with granting remarks to me from others. My work and ambition was honor by the other farmers. Really cool and empowering experience.


At Hogganvik we make our own cheese. Really tasty cheddar. I have now witnessed the whole process 2 times and it is my ambition to learn the skill of cheese making 100%.


At 07:30 it is breakfast. Often with homemade (original) yoghurt and organic musli, together with coffee, tea and milk.We sing a short song before eating and we all hold hands and say “thanks for food” after eaten. Then we all help to clean the table and get at dishwashing. Next thing is morning meeting at 08:30 where the rest of the day is designed. We then stand in a great circle. Everyone that is in village, stands in circle, perhaps we sing a song, and greets each other and the day. Organizers and folkalizers  arrange what then needs to be done and after that we go to work. Work then could be  to help with the sheep, perhaps to change the field of grassing or clean out some dirt after cows or calves and do the designated tasks that the farmer aske of us. Fixing fences, helping hurt of week animals or cleaning equipment there I always something to do at a farm. There is currently about 40 sheep and almost 100 lambs that needs tending. 6 cows and 4 younger cows that have not yet had calves. And there are now 6 small baby claves.  There I also 8 goats and quite a few chicken and lots of cats and one big dog. Responsibility in other words.  This is a process of edification of me.


It has been quite an experience so far.  For a long time I have known that physical is important key within this existence. At this Camphill I am at physical work that is a key and an important factor. I really got to experience how well it to work physical with the body when I was participating with putting potatoes in the dirt. We would dig up the dirt and work with heavy tools. It was quite physically hard experience. I was sweating and really feeling my body. At the same time I also minded myself to be aware. Work or work – out should not hurt. If it hurts you don’t want to go back at it. If it hurts the body does not want to go back at it to participate with it. You have to cooperate with the body and listen to the body. So I was working just hard enough to feel my muscles, and my balance and my sweat I also focused on living words and my breathe. It was over all cool and fun experience to work really hard. I would work most days from 06:00 till 17:00 with long diner break and lunch breaks.  I enjoyed the experience a lot. My body was healing as I worked the soil with my tools and with the woods.  After work I took a bath in the cold fjord. It was over all a very empowering experience with and as my being and my body. There is also the opportunity to catch fish in the fjord.



Working side by side with other people you soon learn to adjust yourself to them and to their tempo and their mindset. I often have to take a breath to ground myself when working in the woods, minding not to be too ambitious and minding that stress. That way I avoided having splinters in my fingers and the work environment is over all, much better among all. Working with people that have a more or less  need of care, mentally or physically is a gift in itself and the question about whether they are “handicapped” is more question of who is asking.  How people treat each other in this world, and it is those who judge in the high office and in the streets that are handicapped and not people with what you could call on with a more honest intellect.  I am not joking.

One thing that would fuck with me was my eczemas. My hands become red and itch. So I have to work on myself and my history to clear out that stress points within my body and within my mind. The eczemas is a point of fear of this new change in my life (moving here) and also a fear of the fear of eczemas in itself. Some of it is connected back in my history to from before 14 years of age.  So this point of eczemas is my main focus point atm.

My back also hurts sometime badly but I know why from looking at mind and from kinesiology session.  So that point I know.

My eczemas are more a mystery – but I will work on that to and open it up within writing.


All in all I see a small risk with moving here – to investigate my eczemas and to investigate my back pain point.  This risk I will take! We are living in a world of great changes, and I would like to work more physically with my body grounding myself. Physically working on farm makes me smile. And to feel appreciation. I feel valid and I feel self – worth and self – love, self – expression inn work. Soooo precious things going on with and as myself at this place. I feel honored and privileged to be able to move and be a part of this great community.


Adjusting me being aware of my breath and working with my body is a great gift that I am discovering again. The other day I was baking rolls. They were perfect (!) ..and I had great compliments for them. I had a great time with baking and preparing food. Every day I participate with dishes. There is always something to do. My decision was if to move up here to live – I think you see why I would like to move to this camphill.


Working and adjusting and reminding self to stay aware and to stay in living words. And within physical and in breathe, lol it I is quite the task of virtue to be living here in this village, that risk I will take.

Self – honesty, responsibility, breath awareness along with  living words and being role model  and being the best version of myself that I can be,  are here to be combine with this working life – thank you I will take it !





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