Day 677 – Camphill village : a schizophrenic perspective


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Living with schizophrenia you soon find yourself in the … rather marginalized parts of society. I have lived most my adult life in that corner.  What is important for me to explain is that I have had a hard to adjusting to the old system that I was brought into. I can’t say that I am capable of support the old system of fundaments of abuse.  I don’t mind singing dancing or yelling or whatever in the streets at – is all a part of me = that is how I live and express in this fucked up system we are currently inn. You could say I am trying to wake people up to the grim reality. To take self responsibility to be your own authority THAT is a task I am aiming at.  During one of the many journeys of escape and exploring,  I would travel and  I was at one time, I think in 2009 (?)  visiting Hogganvik Camphill village in Vindafjord in Norway. I was there for some minutes, and my heart gently melted with my surroundings and the people that I met there. I found a safe place. I found trust and a alternative to the establishment. And also the soothing anthroposophy that was appealing to me.  The anthroposophy of  philosophy is very including and considerate. It does not “freeze  you out” for believing in aliens – or anything like that. From what you might understand and experience of other more religious fixated societies and churches. The anthroposophy that I discovered and that I am currently discovering was multiple, loving, caring, warm, gentle and over all a cool thing ! There was flame that I had light in my heart. I had discovered a good place without fully knowing it. I would return to Hogganvik every now and then to recreate and stabilize. Even if just for a few days.


These days I am planning to go up there again. For two weeks. Then to decide if I would like to move in there permanently. I am very glad that I found Hogganvik and that I have been given this opportunity in my life. If you are out there searching and can’t really find footing. Check out the camphill movement. Keep an open mind and investigate. I sure am going to investigate and make the best of my days. I don’t want to regret or “be late”, on my dying day.  I am looking forward to spend some days – greeting spring and been a part of something beautiful and meaningful. To me Camphill movement  and anthroposophy  is lots about bringing down that spiritual “highness” – down to here, practicality and physicality. I know  I can contribute further to that. And I will.

Camphill is a good solution to me, perhaps it is not a good solution to you. Point is to not accept the old system where war is peace, debt is money etc…Time to be authority of self. Time to not let self be bullied by people who think that your mind needs governing.

The camphil in Hogganvik is consistent of a  farm with cows, sheep, goats and sometimes pigs. There are cats and chickens. There is a forest to work with wood, and there is greenhouses and wood workshop and also there is a new but old looming shop and also the kitchen service and administration. We make our own cheese. That is something I  have been requested to help out with, to learn to make cheese. I must say I am honored and I am looking forward to learn to make cheese.


So there is a great variety to keep self busy with. I find great peace at Hogganvik. It is close to the ocean, inn a fjord where I can bathe and swim in the  summer. There are some very big old impressive  trees, and that in itself is enough to bring me back time after time. Just walking and touching  and hugging these huge trees.

I have been in doubt lots with making this decision. I have made this decision hard to myself. So I have chosen to list up all the pro and against moving. Hogganvik wins every time. Still I would fear that change of moving. I would fear what is new. So I make  a point of bringing with me the things in my life that is cool now, here where I live now. And more than anything that is to swimming in a public pool, swimming on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I go swimming. It is the peak of my week. So I have investigated if there is  swimming possibilities near Hogganvik like swimming pool. And there is. 25 minutes drive there is a public swimming hall with sauna. I was very glad to discover this. So I bring this part with me. This make my moving process much easier.


I will also work to tie bonds between organizations and movements  of this brave new world, a new monetary system is needed, how to handle mind consciousness system and so on… together we can create utopia, and we will – are you with me ?


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